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  1. Hi to all! Have a good day! I don't know if someone here has videos for these three systems, or if were possible to make them. I'm missing these three: "Slot machines" "Mobile games". "Karaoke" I know they aren't so common, but I've searched around ant there's not so much love for them Thanks in advance!!
  2. KaaMoS

    Pulse Pause

    Thank you so much for making this also! Now I have the complete pack for Pulse and The POC. Again, many thanks for sharing your work!
  3. Such a beautiful work. It fits perfect with Pulse However I'm using The POC, but it also fits pretty well because of those fotns both themes use Many, many thanks for your work!
  4. Wow! That's just amazing! I loved it!!
  5. Great ones! Added to faves. Thank you so much!
  6. Thanks friend! They match perfectly with The POC and Pulse themes. Many, many thanks!
  7. Very beautiful ones! Thank you so much!
  8. Haven't seen them, pretty cool ones! Added to faves! Thank you so much!
  9. Nice plugin, friend, thank you so much! Have a question, does this replace preview/trailer videos everyone have in "videos" folder? Would be good to save space!
  10. Great theme! Thank you so much! Just asking, is this theme going to receive any update to match newest machines? Thanks in advance!
  11. Looks so interesting! So kind of you, many thanks!
  12. Looks very good! Many thanks!
  13. An excellent theme! Many thanks! I hope compatibility gets increased, however, the game basic grid you added is the most complete I have found! The only problem I have is that text is quite big and sometimes data of "number" or games gets positioned over its description at its left.
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