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  1. HJi, friend! First of all, many thanks for your work, I love this theme so much! I'd like to know, if, based on two of your game views, were possible to create other views that coud add more description and/or combined info. I made these mockups as a reference abotu what I'm talking about: ORIGINAL: MOCKUP 1: With description and video. It could use a smaller frontbox, or even a 3D animated one. MOCKUP 2: With clear logo at the top, description and video. It could also use a smaller frontbox or a 3D animated one. Gamelist is all in text.
  2. People, have a different problem here. Could someone tell me why Platform banners look moved quite to the top here, of if is there something I could edit to fix this? I know that image position has a better logic if is used for a gamelist, since it uses 2 images instead of 1... but I actually want to use this for Platforms. I haven't touched a thing here yet, Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks for your reply, my friend Yes, in fact that's why I directly pointed the fact that I use Spanish as main language. I remember that first themes which were built for BigBox 11.10 had this exactly same problem at first if user had other language set as main, istead of English. If I'm not worng, The POC theme was one of them, but it is now fixed. just tried and WallView looks as it should, Just in case, look what happen if I choose English for BigBox. I hope you, or any partner around here could guide me to solve this. I'm sure I'll have to edit a line somewhere, being i
  4. Hi, friend! Many thanks for your work! I liked the way it looks, but, for some reason it isn't working for my display. It is 16:10, and I'm using Spanish as BigBox language. All I get is a huge background image, trimmed and located to the left. Also, the right area, where previews and game info had to be shown, all I got is a blank space. There isn't any text shown anywhere. Is there any way I could fix this? Thank in advance
  5. You have the downloads section with all of the approved banners up to date. On earlier page you can also get some other partners contributions, there were ones uploaded at Drive, etc.
  6. The setting you're looking for is not placed at Transitions menu. You'll probably find it at Views menu. Choose if you want to apply that change for all your themes from BigBox options, or for an specific theme instead, from, of course, Specific Theme Options.
  7. First of all, thanks friend! And thanks to all friends here for your contribution I'd like to tell you that I can't find this platform (quoted) Was it deleted?
  8. Have just added something for Tecmo Classics...
  9. Just updated Slot Machines (some posts ago), I've also added Toaplan. Please, if someone wants to correct or improve them, I'll be pleased
  10. Well, I'm still trying.,, phhfff... this is for Yun Sung. Please Don't punish me I can't find good images about these systems... so I'm starting to know why these systems weren't here.
  11. Well, while I'm still looking for those Platforms I'm missing (2 posts ago), I made this one as my first attempt: "Slot Machines". Please tell me how could I improve it
  12. Hello friends, I don't know if someone has done these banners yet, but I'm trying to fill my LaunchBox, based on FB Neo's Arcade machines, but there are many that I couldn't find here. I tried to search around here with no luck, so, if someone could point me to the correct location, I'd appreciate it. This is the list of FB Neo banners I'm looking for, in case that someone has them already: ↓↓↓ This is the actual branch, since FB Alpha was understandably abandoned by the most of its dev. team members, so I think is good to have this around: 00* FB Neo / Final Burn Neo
  13. This gem could make use of new LaucnBox 11.10 features. I'm sure it will make a hit
  14. It looks pretty cool. Wanna share it?
  15. Thanks friend, so I can confirm it. This theme seems to work in English only. I had a similar problem, but I had Spanish instead and, in my case, all theme looked in black (although, no message errors here). Switched to English and Theme worked perfectly. Is there any solution to keep this working while I have BigBox in Spanish?
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