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  1. Thank you, @sundogak It looks great! Have a question...Ive been searching at your wheels pack, but... could it be possible that there isn't any "search" like wheel? For example, when I use HyperSpin, I use a tool called HyperSearch, so I add it to HS main menu, but in this case, I can't find a good wheel to use for it. I looked into your pack, and seems to be there's nothing related. IN case there's no one, do you mind to create one for that purpose? Thanks again!
  2. So beautiful ones, my friend! I've been searching for these kind of apps, while you were making these wheels, and have read that Vocaluxe is a good alternative to these ones. I found a logo for that app, do you think you could make a wheel of it, please? With this, all UltraStar variants would be covered Thanks in advance @sundogak, I'm so glad with you, so good work! PD: Ahh... just a question, do you think (in order to not to itch you with more requests) that your borders and backgrounds could be loaded into AutoKustom? ...or are you OK if we still ask you to helps us?
  3. They look awesome, sundogak! Thank you very, very much! Sorry for my late answer, but my machine got damaged and have just managed to make it work today. About UltraStar and UltraStar WorldParty, well, I haven't found good images to take from, but I'll keep searching.
  4. Thank you so much @sundogak ...I'm truly fascinated with your artworks. I've got them all for my machine I'd like to know if is possible to you to make 3 wheels for me... first two are for UltraStar (singing) games. I looked at your items and none of them are there. Games are "UltraStar Deluxe" and "UltraStar WorldParty". I've googled for logos, but is quite difficult for me t find good transparent ones. The third one is a special request, I'll tell you the story and the reason why I think this could be a good reason to make these artworks. I'm obviously a fan of old "FinalBurn Alpha" project (called "FB Alpha" or just "FBA") from a longtime, but I saw that recently, original FB Alpha programmers were betrayed by one of their members, who sold FB Alpha code by himself, to whose people that latter sold that infamous "CAPCOM Arcade Stick", breaking a lot of licences by the road... ...So the rest of the team were forced to fork the code and build a new Emulator to keep it safe, while traitor has to face what he did with FB Alpha... it was years and years of sacrifice and love I could testify... day by day they're working on drivers and fixes for everyone, still up today... all thrown to the trash. However "FB Alpha" name is still a popular product, while original (but forked) development is named "FinalBurn Neo" (trimmed as "FB Neo" or "FBN"). "FinalBurn Neo" is actually what people should start to look at, if they want to follow the original FB Alpha development and guidelines, but since it is still a new name, not so much people know it and just jump to "FB Alpha", as usual. My idea is to try to spread this knowledge to my friends and near people, since I think that original FB Alpha developers need some kind of retribution and suport in these bad days. So these artworks could do that task, at least in this community. I don't know if I can share FB Neo forum forums URL here, but if is possible, just ask me Well, to the grain... I found that @ClownClone made a beautiful logos here, so I'd like to know if you could make your SteelRing versions based on them. I leave the link here: Thanks in advance for your time, your attention and reading my words. See ya!!
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