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Question about a change to a theme.

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So I'm using Unified Refried. It's perfect for my setup. I have some platforms that are for mods & hacks. The view I use is Vertical Wheel 3. I like this one bc it displays box art and a spinning disc. The issue with it is, it displays Community Star Ratings which ofc mods & hacks don't have. I would like instead to display just Star Ratings for my mods & hacks platforms. So I can do this by changing...

<Binding Path="ActiveGame.CommunityStarRating" />


<Binding Path="ActiveGame.StarRating" />

...and it works great. The issue is that I use this same view for my regular platforms and so it doesn't show the Community Star Ratings for those.

So, what I want to do is either...

Modify this view xaml so that it will show Community Star Ratings if available, or if N/A then show Star Ratings.

or just make a copy of this view and just change it in the copy and have my mods & hacks use the modified view (I have separate views for platforms on).

I tried to make a copy of the view and just named it Wheel5GamesView.xaml with the modification but it doesn't show up in the select view dialog and I just don't know enough about theme design to know what's going on.

Anyone can help a brutha out with what to do here?



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You can make a custom view per platform easily.

In you theme's \Views folder make a folder for the view you are using. For example if using WheelGamesView.xaml make a folder called "WheelGamesView"

\Themes\Unified Refried\Views\WheelGamesView\

Then in that folder copy the modified view xaml with the code for the "ActiveGames.StarRating" binding and paste it in that folder.

Rename that file to match the name of the platform.

Example: \Themes\Unified Refried\Views\WheelGamesView\Nintendo 64 Hacks.xaml

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