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Skins/Missing Images

Disco Lando

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Right off the bat, Big Box seems to be missing images for certain systems; Intellivision and TurboGrafx-CD to name a few. There are no wheel logos for them, just white text.

I'm also noticing that a lot of skins downloaded through Big Box don't look like they're advertised for the same reason: missing images, blank backgrounds, etc. These are all with default LaunchBox options. All of my systems appear to be properly imported.

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Could be a few things. Like how you named those platform versus how the theme named them in the images it might have included or you do not have some images downloaded.

Themes do not actually supply all the media used. The bulk of what a theme uses is media the user downloads. So in the case of clear logos (for wheels) you may need to download some for those platforms you mentioned. If it is a case of maybe naming difference go into one of the themes folder and look inside the /Images folders. Peek around in there and see if the creator did supply media. If so look and see if how you named, for example, your TurboGafx-CD platform matches how the theme creator named the image for it. Change the name to match yours and then test the theme.


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