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Been slacking with my retroarch core updates for a while so I decided to do so today, however suddenly all cores were downloaded (as opposed to only the ones I had manually downloaded) why is that? Does launchbox make it so that retroarch now downloads every core? Or does this have something to do with me importing arcade games for the first time via the mame importer?

I regularly clean up junk files in my launchbox install, seems pointless to have cores I don't need installed.
Can I delete them? Or will this mess up something/will they just get downloaded again anyways?

Also has it "messed with" my previous cores? I did extensive research into what core to download at the time for my use (which I of course can't remember now), and I hope it hasn't "auto changed" anything.

Or better yet is the integration so good now that I don't really need to change anything? (I have a very powerful system and I want the best possible accuracy, but not at the cost of hardly any compatability/working games).

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If you do an update from within LB, it installs every core. This unfortunately differs from what standalone RA does during an update by only updating installed cores.  You can delete the unneeded cores since they are not connected to any emulator within LB. However, if you do another update within LB, it will download them all again (hence, why I don't use it to update). 

As to the messing up question, LB doesn't change any settings you have setup for RA in the emulator side.  If you have RA set for platform XYZ to use a specific core that will remain unchanged.  If you were keeping an older core for whatever reason, then that was updated/overwritten with newer version, but that would be the same with the RA auto core updater as well.  

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