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Multi LaunchBox installations, same PC


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I was wondering if there is a possibility of having multiple installations of LaunchBox on the same PC, with its own theme, however, sharing the same video and images folders.

It would be perfect if a paid product like Launchbox had user profile support, but unfortunately we don't.
The idea is to have only one Video folder and one Image folder, because together they consume a lot of GB space. I didn't want to have to duplicate these folders.

The reason for this is that we can't resolve all image and video preferences and priorities conflicts between themes. So, if I can copy and paste the installation folder and create different shortcuts for executables, it would only be viable if I could to share and point to the same video and image files.

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Symlinks like Monkus stated would be the easiest way to do this. You can also just repoint all the media folders manually inside of LaunchBox, but we have no en masse way of doing this so you'd manually have to alter every media folder on every platform to do this.

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Thanks a lot guys!

I think I managed to solve it with Link Shell Extension .
I'm going to do some testing, but it seems to work. The tip here is not to link folders with generic content, such as videos and images to categories, because there are themes that don't allow you to manage these contents and need to be chosen directly from the Launchbox configs. This is precisely one of the things that overrides the settings of another installed theme.


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