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Greetings to everyone around the world! Just wanted to share this updated version of the fantastic "LBPlex" theme. "LBPlex 2023" includes most of the latest additions from the past year or so to LaunchBox, such as filters (top left corner), badges (boxes view) MAME High Scores Leaderboards, Related Games (embedded in the right side panel) along with the new screenshot/media views (right side panel) and platform icons (left side panel). This was edited and put together with some guidance and help from other's wonderful words of wisdom; while keeping everything from the original LBPlex theme exactly as it was, along with those newly added features added in there. Important note: this includes only the "Normal" version (not the "Condensed" one). I have zero programming knowledge and take absolutely no credit for this, and certainly all credit and recognition goes to the very talented (original) programmer/creator @Grila and @faeran with all of the recently updated theme-code to LaunchBox.

Updated (8/27/22)

  • Version 1.2
  • Updated to include the new  “Platform Details View” feature (added in LaunchBox version 12.15)
  • black bars on side of images/videos for Platforms and Games (sidebar-details) have been removed

Version 2.0 (02/07/23)

- name changed (2023)
- platform/category icons (left panel) added. (LaunchBox 13.2 or higher)


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5 hours ago, knapman said:

Is it possible to have the Platform Details View show the platform video instead of the image?

Yep! My personal preference is to turn off the video, but you can turn it back on in the settings. (Check the example below). And be sure to have your video with the correct platform name in the videos/platforms folder.


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Nice, been holding onto the old lambda theme for ages but would like to get some of the newer functionality on offer

One other question, is there an easy way to add a slight indent back into the side bar on expanded categories? I find it quite hard to visualise when everything is perfectly in line, attempted a few trial and error edits to the xaml but didn't have any luck

edit - turned out I needed to close and reopen before that edit applied

Edited by knapman
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