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Online database update to local database broken/disabled?


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I submitted this entry a few days ago and and it was also approved a few days ago:

And now when downloading the database, even using "Force Update GameBase Metadata", it doesn't find the entry at all on the Launchbox App. This has never happened before, any idea why the online database latest update's aren't updated/transmitted to the local database?

Or is there a bug in that entry? Or is the update from the Web database to the "Launch App/Sync" database disabled right now? Could you please check, thank you!

PS. I've added a tone of missing entries during these past 3 years and normally after a new entry has been approved it's automatically updated the following day to the Launchbox App downloadable database at a certain hour (for me it's around 11am local time). If it fails to be approved by that time, then it gets updated 24hrs later or something. But never longer than that.

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Yes, me too. Before doing a new post I have searched if someone is experiencing this.

I have:

-Into the Pit 

Proposed 2022-04-18 @ 3:32 AM

7:42 PM

-Heroes from the Past: Joan of Arc

Proposed 2022-04-13 @ 2:37 PM

5:35 PM


Usually after 48 h I can update my games. I have updated game data base 3 times, the last one about 1 hours ago, but nothing. tried also to research modifying a little the title but nothing.

Any clues?

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