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Marquee Intro Video Support

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Plugin that adds Marquee Intro video support. After installing the plugin you can simply place your Marquee intro videos into the LaunchBox/Videos/StartupMarquee folder. One will be chosen randomly at startup. Static images (jpg or png) will work as well.

The marquee video will always automatically end at the same time as the main screen intro video. If the marquee video is shorter than the main screen video, it will loop until the main screen video ends (or until you hit a button to skip the intro).


See demo: 



  1. Unzip the file and drop the contents into your LaunchBox folder.
  2. Place your marquee startup video(s) into LaunchBox/Videos/StartupMarquee.


You of course have to make sure your marquee screen is set up first in your BigBox settings:

  • Set your marquee screen number in Options->General->Marquee Screen
  • If you want the intro video to stretch fill the entire marquee, then set Options->Marquee Screen->Set Marquee Images to Fill the Screen
  • If you have a cut-off type marquee, then make sure your screen compatibility mode is set correctly in Options->Marquee Screen->Screen Hardware Compatibility Mode. Currently this plugin does not support the squeeze 1/2 or squeeze 1/3 modes, but all of the following screen compatibility modes are supported:
    - None
    - Monitor Cuts Off Bottom 1/2
    - Monitor Cuts Off Top 1/2
    - Monitor Cuts Off Bottom 2/3
    - Monitor Cuts Off Top 2/3
    - Monitor Cuts Off 1/3 Top and Bottom



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On 8/1/2022 at 3:41 AM, bliberche said:

Bonjour c'est genial!! Je vais rajouté ça ce midi !! Puis-je vous demandé pourquoi mes vidéo de marquee sont pas en pleine ecrant ? 

Thanks! For marquee startup videos using this plugin you just set Options->Marquee Screen->Set Marquee Images to Fill the Screen in order to make them full screen.

If you are referring to videos you are trying to use for game marquees, then yes for some reason the default theme marquee view files do not respect that setting for video. If that is what you are trying to do, let me know and I can help you edit the correct xaml file to force them full screen.

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11 minutes ago, bliberche said:

c'est le seul endroit ou la vidéo et en plein écran et j'aimerais beaucoup votre aide pour les mètre en plein écran partout 

< This is the only place where the video is in full screen and i would love your help to get them in full screen everywhere.>

Ok, here are the steps to get full screen game marquee videos:

- Uncheck the following option: "Options->General->Marquee Screen->Ignore Theme Marquee Views"

- If you are using the Default theme, make a copy of LaunchBox/Themes/Default, rename it, and then select that new theme in BigBox.

- If not using the default theme, copy both GameMarqueeView.xaml and PlatformMarqueeView.xaml from LaunchBox/Themes/Default/Views to LaunchBox/Themes/<your theme>/Views.

- Now edit LaunchBox/Themes/<your theme>/Views/GameMarqueeView.xaml

Change the following line:

<coverFlow:FlowVideo x:Name="MarqueeVideo" VideoType="Marquee" DataContext="{Binding SelectedGame}" PlayVideo="True" PlayAudio="False" FallbackToDefault="False">


<coverFlow:FlowVideo x:Name="MarqueeVideo" VideoType="Marquee" DataContext="{Binding SelectedGame}" PlayVideo="True" PlayAudio="False" FallbackToDefault="False" StretchVideo="True">

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Bonjour superrob3000,

Merci pour votre aide ca marche merveilleusement bien 😍 


Savez vous si il et possible de faire quelque chose pour la partie présentation des système  playlist et platform ?



merci infiniment pour cette astuce tellement essentielle 

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Bonjour je reviens vers vous aujourd'hui car j'aimerais votre aide pour modifier une petite chose,  vous m'avez aidé à lire les thème vidéo de jeux sur le marquée cest vraiment génial 


Section platform

et il possible cette fois de crée un dossier marquée pour y placé ses vidéo de platform pour lire sur le marquée ? 


Merci encore pour vos compétence 

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3 hours ago, bliberche said:

>>> Translated:
Hello I come back to you today because I would like your help to modify a small thing, you helped me to read the video themes of games on the marquee it's really great.
Section platform
Is it possible this time to create a marquee folder to place its platform videos there to read on the marquee?
Thanks again for your skills.

BigBox does not currently support marquee video files for the platform wheel by default. However, I wrote a plugin to add support for platform & playlist video marquees. I plan on posting it soon.

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