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Hi All,


Its been a while since I've used launchbox but kept updating when I got an email. After updating to 12.14 I've been using it again and tried to create a playlist under PS2. I'm trying to exclude Racing and Sports games but it doesn't seem to be working. Anyone know why or have the same issue? Have pasted a screen shot underneath. I even tried changing 'not equal to' to 'doesn't contain' but that didn't work either.



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Try removing Complete all-together, then click the Games tab and see if any populate.  It should populate.  (If not, there's other issues)

Now add Complete back in and set to Is Not Empty.  Check the Games tab again.  It should populate.

Back to Auto-Populate, set Complete to False.  Check the Games tab again.  Does it populate?


Weird, but this worked for me.

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Two comparison of the same field are joined by an OR statement which is causing your issue. Your statement reads IS NOT Racing OR IS NOT Sports so any value is true and you will return your whole list. What you need to set is

Genre - Has None of the Values - Racing; Sports

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