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LaunchBox Navigation INCREDIBLY Slow

Starwind Amada

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I don't know what happened. All of a sudden LB runs like a snail. Everything has a ton of lag. I can't scroll without having to wait a minute for the software to detect the mouse movement. Same with clicking on games. Sometimes it freezes up momentarily and I think it's going to crash. I don't know what caused this because it used to run like butter. Browsing through my games has become a chore. It's like trying to run Grand Theft Auto IV on a 2001 Dell Inspiron laptop.

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2 hours ago, Starwind Amada said:

No responses. Of course not. And of course my support message never went through because "a database error occurred." It's a help message. What database? Website doesn't even work. The ineptitude is astounding.

This type of post will likely not get any faster help. Please consider a couple things.

1: It is the holiday and our dev team, like many out there are taking tome off to be with family. So expect slow response from them until possibly Monday/Tuesday. 

2: Our forum is still small and the members that offer troubleshooting help is an ever smaller number. 

So overall, a little patience and less crass would go a long way. Any further posts of this tone will not be tolerated. 

What version LB are you on? If you revert to a prior version does the issue go away. 

What are your pc specs?

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All beta's for LaunchBox are released in a manner we think they should be ready for full release and are released as a sanity test to ensure something doesn't break on specific configurations. We also release them to get the community opinion on a new feature and make sure there isn't any support functionality required that we didn't think of.

There are several factors that can contribute to a performance degradation in LaunchBox. The one that causes the most is if the app is caching images. If you're using default you can sometimes see a thin bar across the top of the window. When that's displayed images are being cached with uses a lot of CPU and Disk I/O and can cause slow downs. Another potential issue are custom themes. Not all themes are as performant as Default is and it's possible that some may be slower because of that. I'd check in options as well and see if you have deferred scrolling on or off. That feature of WPF does confuse a LOT of people and has caused issues for some. When deferred scrolling is on grid view doesn't update the grid content until AFTER you're done scrolling. To turn it off/on go to Tools > Options then navigate to the Visuals > Main Window Theme > Features and check out the first checkbox. You probably want that checked on if it isn't. If that checkbox is ON deferred scrolling is OFF.

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