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Help with importing Final burn Neo arcade roms


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Hey guys!


I rarely ever ask for help on here but this one is really puzzling me. Basically th problem I'm having is thousands of roms are not being picked up when using the Mame option. I've searched here and Reddit with no help except the usual "select the force Mame import option" which does work but only like 700 games get picked up while leaving thousands of others not picked up. If I don't use the force Mame option it'll pick them up but also the rom clones. It puzzles me as these roms are named similar if not the same as the Mame roms at least from what I understand they are. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I used to a have a nice setup I worked on since around 2018 or so and sadly I lost it due to an HDD crash with no backup. On that setup I did have the games imported I just don't remember how I did it.

Before anyone says "use Mame" instead I too have that added, but I use Final Burn Neo for the Retro Achievements which Mame doesn't support sadly. Any help would be appreciated! :)

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On 2/10/2023 at 2:51 PM, Lordmonkus said:

Don't use the Mame importer, that is used for full Mame sets.

Just import the games like any other platform, give it a different name such as FBN or whatever other than Arcade and scrape as arcade. It should import the games just fine.

Thank you. I should have been more clear, I actually selected the force Mame Metadata option not the import Mame set option. My bad. scrapping as Arcade does indeed work however It also adds a ton of clones/duplicates.

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I just re-imported my FinalBurn Neo sets last night. 

1.  Using the MAME importer will not work.  It'll import the game last based on the XML it extracts from the MAME.EXE.   FBNeo doesn't use this game list.  There is some cross over.   As Lordmonkus said, don't do this.  Gauntlet Dark Legacy showed up in this list, and isn't even present in the FBNeo romset.  

2. Checking the "Use mame metadata" button resulted in 35k games, and all the clones showing up in the list, and with the set name (not friendly name).  So like, there were 20 version of gauntlet for example.

3. Not checking the "use mame metadata" button resulted in about 25k games, and the list was MUCH cleaner.  Only one version of Gauntlet for example. 

I was working on my four player setup, so that's why I was looking at Gauntlet games specifically.  :)

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