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DraStic broken


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Anyone else having issues since DraStic updated to the latest version?  When attempting to launch a game from launchbox i now get an "shortcut cannot be opened" error

(i should add this is on Android 10 and an update to DraStic rather than an Android 13 issue)

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We did our best to fix this for LaunchBox for Android 1.9-beta-1, but unfortunately it's clear that something is broken in DraStic itself, because nothing seems to work to launch games. None of the other frontends out there seem to have this working either, so sadly I think it's safe to say that launching games with DraStic is broken as of the current version.

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I just pulled down the latest version of Daijisho and can confirm that it does properly launch drastic games using the following format



-n com.dsemu.drastic/.DraSticActivity\n-d {file.uri}\n--activity-clear-task\n--activity-clear-top


So its definitely possible, someone just needs to figure out the proper format, or update launchbox

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