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Big Box Custom Theme Help - Animation Pop-In

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Apologies if this is posted in the incorrect place but I'm currently trying to customize a 4x3 CRT theme that was posted here (they're few and far between) and I'm having a weird issue.

The goal: Vertical wheel slides in from left side and lands (good to go here); user scrolls box art with ONLY the top title changing as the user scrolls (also good to go); user stops at a possible game to be played, 2 seconds in - video of the game play (if available) or alternatively a screenshot of a "main" screen to show the user what the game is slides in from right side (this is the beat where I'm having issues).

The problem: For some reason as it stands now when the user stops on a game, the video pops in instantly for .5 second and then disappears (or flashes off and on a few times before disappearing) then my animation plays out as designed.

I've checked to make sure there aren't any hidden animations triggering these weird pop-ins and I can't find one.  Is what I'm asking for something that's not possible?  Is there any way to avoid this video/art pop-in upon game selection?  It doesn't break big box in any way, it just gives it an unfinished look.

I've attached a video for reference



Thanks in advance!

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Looks like you either need to set the default location of the video container to appear off to the side, or set an animation that triggers when the view loads that places the video container off to the side by setting the From and To as the same thing with a BeginTime and Duration of 0:0:0.

You also could have conflicting animations going on there, so I would double check all of that to make sure nothing is out of order.

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