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Aamber Pegasus

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  1. Aamber Pegasus Media Pack

    I have had this one on the back burner for awhile and decided to finish version 1.0 for release.
    Presenting Aamber Pegasus Media Pack…
    I did take artistic liberties as little to no resources are available. (I believe the final product will brighten up the Aamber Pegasus section in Launchbox).  I want to thank Philip Lord from http://www.neoncluster.com providing me with a Hi-Res shot of the EPROM I could use to base my Vector drawing.
    Default Screenshot
    19 Fanart Clear Themed Logos (Black)
    19 Fanart Clear Themed Logos (White)
    19 Fanart Clear Themed Logos (Special)
    19 Fanart Box Fronts
    Aamber Pegasus used  6 EPROM banks to contain multiple language environments, games and applications
    The system also used cassette for some software.  Some of these releases are lost to time but as they become 
    available I will add media assets to future releases.
    19 Fanart EPROM Images (Can be used as a replacement for Tape Media)
    19 Screenshots
    7 Manuals
    ~ Lassiveran


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