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Mame HLSL Settings 1.0.0

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About This File

Here are the Mame HLSL settings I use. HLSL has the advantage of working for both horizontal and vertical games.

These settings are for use in Mame version 0.172 or later. Older versions will not look right, there were changes made in Mame 0.172 that made HLSL a much better shader choice.

There are 3 text files inside, one is a readme with simple instructions. As always when making edits and changes make a backup of your files you are about ti edit first just in case you do not like the changes.

Copy the text from "mameini.txt" and paste it into the mame.ini file replacing the block of text that is already in it. Don't simply add it to the end.

Copy the text from rasterini.txt into the "raster.ini" file located in the /ini/presets folder in the Mame folder. Overwrite everything that is there.

As always with shader settings they may look better or worse on your monitor depending on size, resolution and calibration. These settings I think look really good on my monitor which is a 27" 1440 resolution TN panel from Asus.


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Thanks for this. Pretty nice config.

I've never managed to get toggle post processing to work when games are launched via launchbox/bigbox. Have you experienced this issue?

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I have not and Launchbox should have zero effect on whether HLSL does or does not work. Launchbox is only loading Mame, it has nothing to do with its configuration or its functionality beyond the launching of the emulator and game.

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I did evaluate my video to a Gaming Expert on CRT, asking for a technical opinion.
This is what it says (google translate) 

The effect of the "false" scanlines added to the allaying of the screen graphics offers a strange "grid" effect that completely fails the result. In fact, scanlings are not rows added to the video, but free spaces between a horizontal line and the other, that is, they are not additive but should be implemented by "spanning" the horizontal lines rendered by MAME. I talk to you with an eye accustomed to a Sony Trinitron CRT and an arcade monitor.

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I'm not about to get into a debate about how accurate or inaccurate it looks. To start of with very few if any modern displays can actually replicate a CRT 1:1 and second comparing it using a compressed Youtube video makes a huge difference in how it truly looks in motion. You really do need to see it in person at full size and the higher the resolution of the monitor helps immensely, pixel density matter.

Shaders aren't about creating a 1:1 indistinguishable to a CRT image, it's about making an image that is more appealing to the eye if you cannot stand scaled up squared pixels, which I cannot tolerate. It's personal preference.  

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