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  1. Jason thanks so much for fixing the controller bug so incredibly quickly. This is why I will never hesitate to pull out the wallet for Launchbox software. Top notch customer care standards and the absolute guarantee that the software will consistently improve, in big ways. I seriously refresh the play store almost hourly throughout the day, excited at the prospect of an update.
  2. Excellent beginnings for this app. Working great with Galaxy S10. The only issue I've run into is using the Ipega 9087S controller. When you exit a game back to Launchbox, the d-pad stops working. Switching the box/list view brings it back to life. Weird but no biggy. Really looking forward to some type of search or sort function. Scrolling full game sets is a bit tedious. Really impressed overall though. Launching games is very fast and I've experienced no crashes. Thank you very much.
  3. Can 4:3 mame theme videos be stretched to fit the fullscreen game view?
  4. Absolutely perfect. I really appreciate this. My setup is now complete. That has been bugging me for the longest time. I should have asked sooner. I look forward to seeing what you create next because this theme is perfection. Clean, elegant and defined with a perfectly arranged and balanced presentation of details and artwork. Bravo.
  5. Would I be able to do it if I didn't use background images? I keep mine as just the simple black and charcoal colours.
  6. This is awesome. Thank you so much! Any chance of getting the same stretched videos in the game view? Even if you just put the bit of code for that here, I would be happy to paste that in myself. Thanks again.
  7. I would love that. Thank you. I wonder if another option could be to shrink the video and text border widths to match that of the video. Then widen the wheel to close the gap.
  8. It is 2560x1080 at 21:9 ratio. I switched my monitor into 16:9 to see if that makes a difference but the video still doesn’t fill that border. My understanding of ratios and resolutions is very limited so this type of thing bamboozles my mind.
  9. The greatest theme there is. Thank you. Should my video be filling the border? This is the only thing that bugs me.
  10. Tweaked a few things in the view xaml and got the videos full screen stretched and even added a scanline overlay image to help the appearance of some of the videos which didn't look so pretty in full screen. Made a huge difference and all is dandy now. Thanks a lot for the help.
  11. Oh I see. Unfortunately I am using the same videos. I don't think there are 16:9 versions of those available. I'm on a 21:9 monitor anyway. I guess the theme I'm using currently just stretches them to full screen. Maybe I can look at employing some type of overlay image for the sides so that I can use this theme and not have black bars.
  12. I was just experimenting with this. It is almost perfect but not quite there. It's better than my solution in the sense that with this method I also get the additional information on the right-hand side which fades out. That's fantastic. The problem with this is that the video isn't full screen. It's confined to a centered box. The method I'm using fades the wheel and leaves the video filling the entire screen. But now you have me wanting that box and info on the right to appear and fade out too. I do not have that. If there is a way for me to edit the view of this cityhunter theme to make
  13. Thank you for making the effort to help me with this. I don't think I was being very clear. I've found a solution now but the problem was that I could only remove the game details and box cover from view by unselecting them in options but that then removes them from every active theme. My main theme for all other platforms is RetroFresh Detailed. I love that theme and I like having the box art and game details displayed. It was only MAME that I wanted those game details and box art hidden from view so that I could have only a full screen background video and a wheel. I solved my issue by
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