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  1. Awesome, Love it ! Look forward to seeing what it could give on city hunter ! ??
  2. It seems logical for the Roms, but I thought for the older games some was considered to be abandonwares (just tapping arcade games and many are playable online via sites and seems rather serious sites) Ok good and well here I am fixed so all my competitors are illegal ... and can I sell my machines simply with the basic launchbox, free after to my customers to buy the license? What did you recommend to me to give people the chance to buy my machines? all bet on quality? Thank-you for your prompt response !
  3. Hello everyone I discovered the launchbox 2 years ago and it has become in my opinion the best frontend of the market. I have just started on my own, in the design of bartop (small arcade salon) and many are my competitors to sell their machine with hyperspin system, the launchbox being for much higher would be that visually. I was wondering if it was possible by having the license for life, to be able to sell my machines with a launchbox system pre configured with some old roms can be. And if no, is there an opportunity to do so by paying another license? I guess you should have the question but I did not find a subject that spoke about it. If @Jason Carrcan I answer this would be great ! thank you
  4. Love it ! In download soon? The end is epic!!!
  5. Hello I think you can find your happiness on the side of pademonium channel it's full of 80's theme and some mame including;)
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