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  1. I'd kill for a wall view in big box (just like Launchbox displays them)... isn't possible to do a clean/customized version of that?
  2. Apparently right now what it does, is replacing the platform's XMLs and fully removing all data with their custom XML, which isn't good. Perhaps someone could make it work? Because the alternative is downloading the images elsewhere, but then, they don't work on Launchbox because they're named "GameName - GameName" instead of "GameName_ GameName". Yes, I could run a renamer but it beats the purpose of the tool.
  3. at first I was skeptical because it doesn't fully solve the issue but I think it should really help after we get used to it! Seems like a decent approach.
  4. This is a very easy fix: When a user renames a Platform (like, from Sega Genesis to Sega Mega Drive), just rename the folder. Don't create a new folder with a thousand subfolders and leave the old one like a skeleton in the closet.
  5. I have a request, if it's possible... I know it's not easy, but I'd like to have the option of setting a windowed resolution. Fullscreen is great for working but alt tabbing is a complete pain.
  6. so I found a pretty big issue on this view: For some reason that thunder never appears and it seems that it completely locks the UI too, you need to alt tab a few times to regain control. Everything else works fine.
  7. hi @y2guru , this is a support question, not sure where to ask and wheter it's your bug or it's Launchbox's... The issue is with "Selected Item Video". No matter what, apparently it can't be hidden and if it doesn't find a video it displays "Game screenshots". I spent 1:30 hours trying to find where the issue with my theme was and the culprit was this one. I'm not sure if it's by design or a bug, hopefully it's a bug. What I want to do is keep the video hidden (no opacity) if there's no video, so it shows a game screenshot below it. Right now, if I don't delete the "Selected Item Video"
  8. I was wondering about this too. Grid(Wall) View is absolutely essential for me, though for now I found some compromises. Playnite is very rough, and their fullscreen mode is nice but it's very barebones - it's due for an update "soon". Anyways, just wanted to voice my full support for this, probably my #1 issue with LaunchBox right now.
  9. love all your themes, though you should indicate that users need to install the Fonts, else, they will get a generic one.
    Absolutely the best theme for desktop launchbox, everything is perfect.
  10. OK I did a test. Just updated NEC Turbografx (300 games) and it took me 48 minutes. No videos, 4 images average. This means that if I would have to update your MAME set, it would take me 3.2 hours, again, without videos. It's twice your average (1.5 hours)... which isn't bad at all and it means it would take at worst a couple days on my MAME collection (10K+ games), but there is indeed some discrepancy on the download times, specially if we consider I haven't downloaded any videos. I have 100 MB internet, BTW, so clearly the issue isn't speed.
  11. exactly, I didn't have a reference, so I assumed it was going to be relatively quick for the baseline things for a system (box, couple gameplay screenshots, logo). Mind you or anyone tell me how much does it take for you guys to download an entire system with 500+ games and 5 images average? no videos or anything really heavy.
  12. Fair enough. I'll take it you're telling the truth and I won't complain anymore about this, it's just that most people I talked they said that the download rates were "very fast" so I expected completing an entire 2000 games system in a couple minutes, tops. I guess not too bad.
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