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  1. oh god my mistake i didn't read the carefully i thought i should extracted in images then put moved it the folders to platform "consoles" it belong to. i correct the folder location and work perfectly. Thanks and god bless u
  2. Well first before i would like to ask for help i would like to thanks you for your effort MY issue is i follow the steps but add default images didn't appears at all. I try refresh images from lunch box , big box restart the application even the PC while i was looking around in the application and testing i notice that the lunchbox didn't recognize the folder i added. i used the latest version of the application but it is not fresh installed > 8.9 then i keep updating it
  3. god bless you. it work perfect now thanks a lot
  4. before i begin i would like to thanks the theme producer or his work guys i facing two issues i dont know where is the mistake is since i still new into setting up fontends 1- i didnt know how to make the CD spin in the theme 2- my current collection has PC games , PS2 and Sega DC while viewing all games the clear logos appears but when i view them as platforms only PC shows the clear logo the other two systems as list of names only
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