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    I need a little help understanding how to import the exoDos release into Launchbox correctly. I know that it is supposed to be a self contained DosBox/ScummVM launcher with LB included but I already have an existing LB/BB installation with MAME and Consoles. Can someone please either direct me to a guide for: 1) which build I need to use to selectively install only the games I want (lite or full ver. 5) 2) how to import them into LB/BB correctly (I'm fine getting all the metadata and box art etc later using LB and Emu databases)
  2. There is a way to play videos?! Please do share. I never tried. Never thought anything but images could be used.
  3. Well maybe not that much space or resources. Could potentially use the same video snaps used in the game info screen etc. Would give guys who like making wheel images and clear logos something new to curate.
  4. As a dynamic marquee user I love how I can see platform images on my marquee and then game marquees when selected. I wondered if there is a potential plan for mp4 support which would allow video to be played?
  5. So I'm running the latest LB/BB on a Dell Optiplex 7020 and MAME 0.219 with 2 usb keypads and buttons. Everytime I load MAME it works fine till I start moving the joystick then press any buttons, because then the white desktop mouse appears and starts interfering with the game. I have "Hide Mouse Cursor During Game" selected in LB. I have looked at the MAME.ini file but I dont know how to disable the mouse completely. I'd be fine with just using a keyboard navigation while in the MAME UI. Can someone help me here?
  6. Thanks so much @C-Beats. I found the setting you were referring to in BigBox. Sadly at the bottom where the alphabetic search bar is the star (favorites) now disappears when I change the setting to no longer have favorites displayed first. So how do I access favorites now that the star (favorites icon) is gone?
  7. So when I look at all my Sega Genesis games in LaunchBox, I can see everything. But when I use BigBox (City Hunter 2 theme) and go to the Sega Genesis platform, I dont see any of the games I have favorited. The favorited games only appear in the favorites. Is there anyway to see all the games in a platform whether favorited or not? Its weird that just because I favorite a game that it disappears from the Platform and goes solely into the favorites. Example is Aladdin. I favorited Aladdin. I can see it in LaunchBox. But inside BigBox its not listed under the Sega games. Go to favorites, its in there.
  8. Cant believe I accidentally selected the Hode Games with no cover Art option. I feel like such a derp. Thank you.
  9. Hi everyone, I recently got my LB install finished and noticed several of my SNES and NES Hacks rom files werent added to by database. Specifically like Captain America: Winter Soldier. Stuff where someone has resigned a game or ported a better version from Sega to SNES or NES. Not sure why they arent adding. Names all seem to be correct and not found in any other playlist. Help please?
  10. @ZigZags, thank you good sir! I was having this issue and had messed with the DPI settings to no avail. This was truly easy as 1st grade. HERO
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