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  1. My license expired since early january and I can't renew it since I don't own a credit card anymore. The most annoying thing about it is the constant message that theres a new version available whenever I open Launchbox or BigBox. Is there some way to turn it off?
  2. Yeah, I got it working now at mostly 60 FPS by enabling the Alpha hack and setting skipdraw from 2 to 4. I also set EE cyclerate to 130% EE cylce skip to mild. Enabling MTVU on my Ryzen also helped. Now it works! I'll just list all my PS2 iso's that doon't have a config yet here. Would be cool if they would be added to the list Beyond Good and Evil Black Devil May Cry 2 Digimon World 4 Digimon World Data Squad Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Dynasty Warriors 5 Enter the Matrix Full Metal Alchemist 2 The Godfather GTA Liberty City Stories GTA Vice City Stories Grandia II Gungrave Jak 2 Jak 3 Kingdom Hearts II Matrix Path of Neo Mega Man X Collection Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty Monster Rancher 3 Ninja Assault Red Dead Revolver Resident Evil 4 Return to Castle Wolfenstein Socom Syphon Filter Dark Mirror Syphon Filter Logans Shadow Syphon Filter The Omega Strain Tenchu Fatal Shadows Timesplitters 2 Timesplitters Future Perfect TH Underground 2
  3. I have Wii game dumps in iso.dec format. Dolphin doesn't work with them so I guess I have to decompress them somehow? Which tool should I use for that?
  4. How do I get Launchbox to recognize Retroarch as an emulator for the Sega Saturn? I have downloaded the Sega Saturn Beetle core for RetroArch but it doesn't appear in the "Associated Platform" list in Launchbox.
  5. Could someone figure out the optimal settings for: Front Mission 5 Red Dead Revolver Jak series Killzone These are the only games missing a config for me!
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