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  1. BUMP! for more attention. This is a must have feature for me since I spend most of my time collecting games. Obviously, I guess it means Launchbox will have to shift to No-intro naming standards as well as convert GamesDB into a No-intro database where all No-intro rom list exist as GamesDB IDs regardless if they contain any information or media. This will also mean new GamesDB ID will strictly come from updated No-intro sets.
  2. Btw RetroHumanoid, I need your help. Is it possible to add Mark as completed icon to the game details screen? It doesn't seem to be included in your theme. Is there anyway we can edit the files to include it? 🤔 This will make the theme perfect for me. And also, can you show me how to remove "Add to playlist" (circled above) from the game menu screen? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello I made modifications to the theme. I hope you don't mind. If anyone is interested, I have attached the files below. Background.png and Mainborder.png go inside the Themes>Unified refried>images>theme>mainmenu folder. Keep in mind, I am using the platform view. Also, I had to edit the "Platformwheel3filtersview.xaml" file in the Themes>Unified refried>views folder and change the margin from "30,-265,30,0" to "30,-170,30,0" for the horizontal scrolling notes to be aligned properly on my TV; yours might be different. (See code below) <!-- HORIZONTAL SCROLLING NOTES --> <Viewbox x:Name="ScrollingNotes" Grid.Row="0" Grid.ColumnSpan="5" Margin="30,-170,30,0" Panel.ZIndex="14" > I also had to change Opacity in the following code from "0.5" to "0" to remove the transparent black bar from the bottom of the screen. (See code below) <!-- LOWER GLASSBAR --> <Border x:Name="LowerGlassBar" Grid.Row="7" Grid.Column="0" Grid.ColumnSpan="7" Background="Black" Opacity="0" Panel.ZIndex="15" SnapsToDevicePixels="True" > MainMenu.zip
  4. Hello, is it possible to make this plugin only active for a single emulator such as Dolphin and disabled for the rest of the emulators in LB?
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