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  1. Ok, cheers. I've just gone through the 221 tedium so i'll go full DOS76 next month 👍
  2. I've been using TorrentCheck for a while and it sounds like I do a different process than you do. I compare (in this example) .221 torrent to my previous version (.220 folder). TorrentCheck tells me that there are about 150 new files, 150 files with a new size and 9 files not needed. So I go to my .220 folder, move out the 9 files to a backup folder and then manually select (from the Torrent content) each of the files that are either new or different from the .221 torrent. So I should be downloading 300 files from the new torrent. But qBitTorrent downloads about 1700 files and, I read, that it's because of the nature of torrents rather than settings that I've chosen. Anyway you would still hope that I could then just dump the 1700 files on top of my .220 but this does not work because not all of these 1700 files are downloaded in their entirety. So anyway, have I got this totally wrong? For me it's better than downloading 120GB every month but the time to complete this manual process feels like it's more time consuming than it needs to be. Note - this is just for ROMs. Cheers.
  3. Yes, thanks. For installed that works - although I link directly to the exe file. I tend not to install games I'm not actively playing so I was wondering if it was possible to link to a non-installed game using the game ID (subsequently found this thread). I haven't yet found a public "Game ID" for Twitch games similar to SteamDB. GOG Galaxy has an import for Twitch but the Game IDs are not listed. Thanks.
  4. Yes, thank you. C-B(eats) helped me out on that one too. I'm not really too sure how much more obvious you can make it for someone as oblivious as me! On a slightly-related note, is it possible to manually add games in Twitch libraries? Thanks.
  5. Thanks C-B. I don't know if I'm reinventing the wheel here but to add non-installed Steam games, I had to import a random file from my computer and then edit the Application Path as required.
  6. I just used Steam import for the first time and did a manual audit when the numbers didn't tally. There are six games that didn't import (Drop, Escape from Tethys, Gravity Wars, Red Gate, Team Fortress 2, UNI - none of them currently installed). Perhaps it's an API issue that's not an easy fix (there's a few others who posted perhaps similar issues here and here), but is there a workaround for manually adding games using Application Path: steam://rungameid/[gameid] ? I also noticed a mod (Killing Floor Mod: Defence Alliance 2) imported - I have base game but don't see separate entry for the mod. And I have two 'tools' for a football management game that I possibly installed years ago that were also picked up by the import. Otherwise, great job on the imports. I used all the others without issue!
  7. My ScummVM games went "missing"! So it's due to the ScummVM folder moving from the root to the ThirdParty folder. I use the "epicfail" setup and point to bat files in that directory. The fix is simple - just search for old path/replace with new path in the xml file. Not rocket science to figure it out but just wanted to post in case any one else came across a similar issue. Cheers.
  8. Hi JC, i used X to quit rather than Burger|Exit. I have taken screenshots before I exit recently and see if I catch it happening again. Thanks, G
  9. Hi. I have noticed (on beta 3) that games I have added to Launchbox are not there the next day - and I have to re-add them. Two occasions this has happened are with Playstation (2 games) and Playstation 2 (1) games and, in both cases, the files were in a sub-folder of the games folder. I use sub-folders when there are multiple discs and I've never noticed this happening before. I re-added the PlayStation games but found they were gone again the next time I re-opened the app. After re-adding a second time they remained. I have probably closed the app down shortly after adding these games as they were the last thing I did on those respective nights. Thanks!
  10. Thank you @Haggie55. I was able to easily slot (pun intended) in to my existing LB setup and just nuke my existing platform with a paltry 4 tables!
  11. Cosmetic issue. If I scroll down the platform list using a controller and then scroll back up to the first platform, it does not highlight that first platform (no platform is highlighted at this point). However if you click the select button, it does go to that platform's games list.
  12. Hi. Just a re-up on this. The hack still works to get NEC Supergrafx working but if we could add the platform and emulators that would be fab. Thanks!
  13. I might be totally off on this, but I thought that only chd would work as the software list is looking for a file. For example, for "Hotel Mario" to work (per the below from the cdi.xml), you need a hotmario.zip dummy file and the file name hotel mario (1994)(philips)(eu)[!] with the sha1 checksum below. You could could use chdman to convert one of your bin/cue to chd (rename if required) and see if it works? <software name="hotmario"> <!-- Origin: TOSEC <rom name="Hotel Mario (1994)(Philips)(EU)[!].iso" size="366794400" crc="8305fbca" md5="eaba42fc6572a66cb91ceeb976595485"/> <rom name="Hotel Mario (1994)(Philips)(EU)[!].cue" size="123" crc="0a437951" md5="df72c8ced1f5d36a38c5ca2e9330062b"/> --> <description>Hotel Mario (Euro)</description> <year>1994</year> <publisher>Philips</publisher> <part name="cdrom" interface="cdi_cdrom"> <diskarea name="cdrom"> <disk name="hotel mario (1994)(philips)(eu)[!]" sha1="f24e118b807bc2479794eaa6cc35526e70be5bf0"/> </diskarea> </part> </software> Cheers.
  14. Ah, right. I've actually gone through 21 platforms today after being sort of dormant on the Android version since the early days. First time trying the "on device import". Worked great for the other 19 platforms (including 1068 GBA roms).
  15. If that's directed to me, 9 for NGP (.ngp), 73 for NGP Color (.zip).
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