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  1. @ARoth, well I solved the problem for myself. Not sure if this is going to be your issue too. I switched out my Corsair keyboard and mouse for a Logitech (wireless) keyboard and mouse. Lo and behold, it's all working. I got the hint from this thread: https://github.com/jinput/jinput/issues/14 Might just be an incompatibility with that particular product or type of product. ** So what I ended up doing is unplugging the mouse and using the keyboard to launch ParaJVE and select the options - the controller still works. Whatever weird stuff that's happening is due to my mouse.
  2. Hi. Did you check the log file in your emulator folder under data\temp? On my desktop, I see the below error that I assume is the reason my controller is not being recognized. This error is not in the log of my laptop (where my controller is recognized). I have no idea how to resolve though! Attempting to use default windows plug-in. java.lang.NullPointerException at net.java.games.input.RawMouse$Button.<init>(RawMouse.java:197) at net.java.games.input.RawMouseInfo.createControllerFromDevice(RawMouseInfo.java:83) at net.java.games.input.RawInputEnvironmentPlugin.createControllersFromDevices(RawInputEnvironmentPlugin.java:160) at net.java.games.input.RawInputEnvironmentPlugin.enumControllers(RawInputEnvironmentPlugin.java:176) at net.java.games.input.RawInputEnvironmentPlugin.<init>(RawInputEnvironmentPlugin.java:123) at net.java.games.input.DirectAndRawInputEnvironmentPlugin.<init>(DirectAndRawInputEnvironmentPlugin.java:46) at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0(Native Method) at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(Unknown Source) at sun.reflect.DelegatingConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(Unknown Source) at java.lang.reflect.Constructor.newInstance(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Class.newInstance(Unknown Source) at net.java.games.input.DefaultControllerEnvironment.getControllers(DefaultControllerEnvironment.java:157) at frc.input.JInputManager.getControllers(JInputManager.java) at frc.input.JInputManager.gatherValidControllers(JInputManager.java) at frc.input.JInputManager.<init>(JInputManager.java) at frc.input.JInputManager.getDefaultManager(JInputManager.java) at frc.emul.vectrex.swing.menu.UIGamePortMenu.populateControllersMenu(UIGamePortMenu.java) at frc.emul.vectrex.swing.menu.UIGamePortMenu.populateMainMenu(UIGamePortMenu.java) at frc.emul.vectrex.swing.menu.UIGamePortMenu.getMenu(UIGamePortMenu.java) at frc.emul.vectrex.swing.menu.UIMenu.getControlsMenu(UIMenu.java) at frc.emul.vectrex.swing.menu.UIMenu.getMenuBar(UIMenu.java) at frc.emul.vectrex.swing.UI.<init>(UI.java) at frc.emul.vectrex.ui.opengl.Display.buildUI(Display.java) at frc.emul.vectrex.ui.opengl.Display.<init>(Display.java) at frc.emul.standalone.VectrexEmulator.createEngine(VectrexEmulator.java) at frc.emul.standalone.VectrexEmulator.run(VectrexEmulator.java) at frc.emul.standalone.VectrexEmulator.run(VectrexEmulator.java) at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method) at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source) at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source) at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source) at ParaJVE.mainImpl(ParaJVE.java) at ParaJVE.main(ParaJVE.java) - Creating UI window
  3. Funny this thread got resurrected as I've been having a "controller" issue. It's not a Launchbox issue but just want to run it by the brains-that-be to see if anyone would have an idea. My Xbox controller works fine on my desktop. When I run ParaJVE, it does not recognize that there is a controller plugged in. However, if I copy the ParaJVE folder to my laptop and plug the same controller in, it recognizes it fine. On both computers the Xbox controller is showing up in the device manager, operates 100%. It's just weird. Posting here to see if anyone has seen such a thing? I have tried both an older USB and newer Bluetooth Xbox controller as well as a USB Buffalo. Gracias.
  4. Answering my own question but I did find this thread that address the issue. I've decided to just delete and re-add the platform. Thanks,
  5. Yes. When I had an issue I was opening the Android file on my Windows machine, editing and trying to save back on Android. But when I opened a Windows version, edited and then copied to my Android, it was fine.
  6. Probably an "edge scenario", as such. But I've been pulling all of my platforms out of Rocketlauncher and going straight to an Emulator. I noticed that when I update the emulator for the platform, it doesn't update any additional apps - they retain the old Rocketlauncher "emulator". I thought I'd be clever and update the specific platform's xml (replacing the old Rocketlauncher emulator ID with the CPCE emulator ID). But that just appeared to aggravate Launchbox and now it has duplicated all of my additional apps and it's a bit of a mess. Anyone have any advice about a way I should be doing this or is it just something that has to be manually updated?
  7. I was able to edit the xml on my computer (using Notepad++) and copy it successfully to my phone. When I edited it the version that was already on my phone, I had the corrupted xml issue too. Thanks.
  8. Could we add the Beetle SGX core in Launchbox for PC Engine SuperGrafx? I've been able to launch 1941 in Retroarch using that core. Thanks!
  9. Has anyone got the secret to using Yaba Sanshiro (Free)? I can launch games fine within Yaba Sanshiro, but when I try to launch from Launchbox, it starts the emulator but throws up "cannot initialize game". The files are bin/cue (which seem to have been exported correctly).
  10. I tried some of the emulators that @Kmetz7547 was having issues with. Not sure if there was any further progress on this thread but I do have some working. I added the two bios files (exec.bin and grom.bin) to the Retroarch system folder and I was able to launch a game. This one was more complicated. The setup in my Launchbox (and I'm sure I followed a YouTube tutorial) links empty files that point to the zip files that contain the game. So understandably that's what the Launchbox export copies over. What I did was - manually copy over the zip files to the Launchbox\Games\GCE Vectrex directory on Android (removing the empty files) - edit the Platform xml created by the export (locally on your computer) to replace the name of the empty file with the name of the zipped file (e.g. <ApplicationPath>Games/GCE Vectrex/POLEPOSITION</ApplicationPath> to <ApplicationPath>Games/GCE Vectrex/Pole Position (USA) (A00ED3D6).zip</ApplicationPath>) - and then copy over to the Launchbox\Data\Platforms directory (overwrite the original if it's already uploaded). - Disable "Extract ROM Archives (zip or .7z) option in the emulator settings (not sure if this is required but it did not work before I did this). I was then able to launch multiple Vectrex games. Both of these are working for me once I copy over the "Databases" and "Machines" folders from my PC Retorarch system folder to my Android Retorarch system folder. I either haven't tried the other ones yet or I don't have the platforms on my local Retroarch. As much as I adore the Amiga I'm not looking forward to trying to get that to work given the specificity of kickstarts and the fact all my games are in WHDLoad format. I don't think anyone has the Retroarch core working for Atari 5200 and the kat5200 app "Early Access" on Play Store is full. I think there's been additional emulators added for Saturn (Yaba Sanshiro standalone app works well in my experience), PS2 and Gamecube since you posted this. Hope the above helps anyone who was having issues.
  11. I couldn't find this mentioned in the thread anywhere. If anyone launches their Sony multi-disc games using an m3u file, I have still managed to get it to work on Android with a little manual intervention. The Launchbox export pulls over the m3u file so you just need to copy the referenced files (which for me are chd) to the Games\Sony PlayStation directory on your Android device. I'm using the pcsx_rearmed_libretro_android core and it launched the game I tried without an issue.
  12. I had this issue. So I think what's happening is that when you try to copy over additional games for an existing platform in Android Launchbox, the [Sega Saturn].xml file (in Data\Platforms) does not merge with the existing file. I guess it doesn't overwrite so that's why you only see original games. What you could try is, in desktop, select all the games that you have already copied to Android for export again. Then just copy over the Sega Saturn.xml file that was created to the Data\Platforms folder in Android. This should allow you to see all those games in Launchbox - they should already work ok in Retroarch now though.
  13. Has anyone got SNES MSU1 working? When I launch from Launchbox, the unzip takes about 5 minutes. Retroarch starts but with just a black screen. If I run the content directly from Retroarch, it runs fine. I notice that my MSU1 games are all zipped folders, if that's at all relevant. Thanks.
  14. I got the above error when copying over GBA games. To workaround, I just cancel the copy, rename the file (took out the languages listed in the file name) and it then worked. Happened with multiple GBA files (very verbose names it seems). But just wanted to raise in case you want to put in some helpful error handling. Thanks.
  15. Well this really is marvelous stuff. I appreciate the work of @Zombeaver. I've added my own game - Football Manager - because I was addicted to my Atari 800XL version back in the day, and play the new Android version from Kevin Toms now and again. But the C64 version is really good. I have got it working by copying a game directory and replacing the Disk1.d64 and adding it to the xml in platforms. It's launching from Launchbox now. But I know it'll be overwritten with the next update. So I suppose I'm making a request for it to be added in the future if at all possible Thanks again, man.
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