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  1. That would be an amazing feature, I already had it in mind but didn't dare to ask for it ? Imho the best approach for configuring your emulators is to create a new one for each platform instead of using 1 emulator and adding all the platforms in there. I will also configure mine like that in future builds, plus it makes troubleshooting easier.
  2. @fraganator Thanks for the update, just tried it and works like a charm! I initially had to rearrange my configuration a bit though. I configured most of my platforms under the retroarch emulator, if you then select the extract function some platforms won't work anymore after extracting (like mame, cps, lynx, neo geo) So I solved it by using 2 retroarch emulator paths, 1 with extract and 1 without. The rom selecting function is also amazing, any future plans to integrate this in BB?
  3. That's fantastic! I didnt start trimming yet, so I will definately wait for the plugin I dont mind some manual work, but having to do it for hundreds or thousands of roms is a bit tedious.
  4. Thanks for the quick response! I was already afraid that there was'nt any option to do so, guess i'll have some serious trimming to do ?
  5. Hi all, Ive been searching to find a solution for this issue, but I'm unable to find any, so I come with my question here ? When using any zipped file with multi language roms retroarch unzips the 1st rom, in a lot of cases for me the first one is a JPN file. If I use the "extract rom archives before running" option in platform editor it will select the second language instead (unfortunately this is spanish -_-). Is there a possibility that launchbox/retroarch selects a chosen language or will I be forced to remove all unwanted languages? Thanks in advance!
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