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  1. At one stage when I had the Launchbox window open, I accidentally drop the keyboard and random buttons were pressed to make the window look like this: I don't know how to fix this! Can someone please help me?
  2. What is pAlcohol? I tried google searching it, but all I get is reports on actual alcohol! I also tried downloading the free version of alcohol 120%, but Avast deleted it because it claimed it was a virus.
  3. Don't buy it. It's a waste of money and isn't even a cheap option for an Xbox One, when you can get a regular Xbox One S for cheaper and with more options.
  4. My collection is so large and sparse, that separating them by a single category is not enough. I want to separate them by genre according to each platform and not have all platforms displayed when finding a game by genre! I have too many PC games in my collection to share amongst my collection of emulators when I want to split them up by genre or theme or whatever. If you guys could give us the option to have sub-categories, it would make a lot of difference for people like me with a boat load of games stored on their computer.
  5. Launchbox is great for running Dos games with CD audio. With a bit of tinkering with creating a proper config file and automatically mounting an bin file through the launch settings menu, it works surprisingly well if you do it correctly. Strangely enough, I've had better luck playing CD music with a bin file automatically mounted through Launchbox, than doing it manually or using other DOS frontend software. The problem is that while there is a way to automatically mount bin or cue files with DOS games with CD audio included, the same option is sadly not available for Windows based games. I know classic WIndows games are much harder to run on modern computers, but some do in fact work with a bit of fiddling around. The classic 3D Ultra games and the old Racing Madness titles are a good example of games that can run on modern PCs, but tend to use CD audio for high quality music, or music in general. My issue is that I've pretty much never been able to get CD audio to work with bin or cue files in Windows games for reasons I don't know. I own the original CDs in my collection, but converting them to bin and cue files, and then mounting them to install on my machine, the CD music never plays and I'm stuck with the generic compressed music or none in the case of 3D Ultra RC Racers. I guess I could just put in the CD, but I just like the convenience of playing a game by simply booting it up without hassle. And yes, I have tried to convert bin and cue to iso using PowerISO (That's the software I use for making disk image files.), but I never managed to work out how to do it properly, as it always results in an error. And even if it works, it still doesn't resolve the music problem. I've even tried making image files in other iso based software with the same results, and even searching for answers on google has given me no help whatsoever, as it seems like I'm the only person with this problem and I don't even know what it is I'm doing wrong. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is I would really appreciate the option to automatically mount image files for Windows games in Launchbox, as it has worked for me with DOS games and I would hope to see it work for Windows games too.
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