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  1. WoodPanels

    WoodPanels has the old school retro feel of playing games on an old TV in a room with bad, green carpeting, but golden wooden paneled walls.  The video game console or platform appears above or beside the television to match that look and feel.  It is paired with a set of 8-bit fonts to complete the experience.
    Designed for 16:9 screens on a 1080p monitor (need feedback on different resolutions) Platform navigation features device images for 40 platforms. Games list view features device images for 40 platforms with support for game videos, game 3D/2D box art, game cart images (SNES, N64, Genesis, 32X, and Jaguar only). Consoles are paired with one of four different TVs from the same decade they were released (70s, 80s, 90s, 00s) "Wall View" for looking at game boxes on shelves is accompanied by the platform logo and image of the original console packaging. WoodPanels Startup Video is here! Alternate all-wood background available below, just unzip it under Launchbox/Themes/ and overwrite the default one. Trailer:
    1. Unzip in LaunchBox/Themes/WoodPanels. In BigBox under Options>Views>Theme> choose "WoodPanels"
    2. To ensure you're viewing the image of the console and TV alongside the game list, go into the BigBox Menu (hit Esc on your keyboard or back on your controller) and select "View Platforms".
    3. To view the carousel of devices in your platform view, go into Options>Views>Platform List View> and select "Platform Wheel 1".
    4. Lastly, to make sure you keep this view the next time you start BigBox, go into Options>Views>Default Startup View> and select "Platforms".
    5. For N64, SNES, Jaguar, Genesis, and Sega 32X, you need to download the game cart images AND you need to set your LaunchBox settings so your fallback images are disabled for this, otherwise when you have a missing game cart image it will pull something else and look...bad.  LaunchBox Options>Legacy>Images>Cart Front Priorities>Uncheck all but "Cart - Front"
    6. To enable a the "Wall View", change BigBox Options>Views>Games List View>Wall View.  Switch it back to "Text List with Details" if you decide to go back.
    To Do:
    Need to add MSX platform device image, gameslistview, box
      PS1 gameslist image missing power light Super Nintendo gameslist image missing power light Nintendo 64 gameslist image missing power light Dreamcast gameslist image missing power light
      3DO device image doesn't match gameslist or box images Commodore Amiga device image doesn't match gameslist or box images NeoGeo portable color device image doesn't match box or gamelist image
      Sega CD box doesn't match gameslist or device image PS1 box image doesn't match gameslist image


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  2. WoodPanels Startup Video (Nescade)

    For information about the BigBox theme "WoodPanels" please go here.
    This is a startup video I created for my theme.  It features a logo for "Nescade" which is what I call my multi-emulator PC, as it sits inside of an old Nintendo's shell.  I commissioned Rushjet1 a while back to compose an original piece of 8-bit music specifically for this video.  Hope you all enjoy it!
    Instructions for use: Place video file in the LaunchBox folder under /Videos/Startup/


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