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  1. Jason it doesn't affect gaming as the controllers are set up via the emulator running them, what it affects are the controls for LB/BB ie I have 2 buttons on my cab that are mapped to Volume Up & Volume Down. The way I have done my wiring is that both my volume buttons are connected to Button 8 & obviously I can't use button 8 for both Vol up & down. So it would have been nice to have Page Up & Page Down mapped to my 2 player buttons but I can't because these buttons are already mapped to player one controls. Shame & strange considering every emulator out there & windows picks these up as seperate encoders.
  2. Oh good, well at least I know it's not my setup. Jason Carr, no not one controller board but 2 seperate boards, each plugged into it's own USB port. Windows see's both as USB Generic Joystick and in Mame / emulators they identify as Joy 1 or Joy 2, but in launchbox there's no numeric identification.
  3. I have 2 x zero delay encoders that work fine in all else (mame, emulators etc) but in LB / BB it doesn't identify each encoder as a seperate device so I can only map 12 buttons. IE if I map button 1 on encoder 1 & button 1 on encoder 2 LB / BB just identifies it as the same button not differentiating between the 2 encoders, very annoying & can't find a work round.
  4. Hi, I've paid up for the one year and am having an issue with my 2 x zero delay encoders. Both work fine in everything but in LB / BB which fails to identify which zero delay encoder it is coming through so regardless if I map Button 1 on zero delay encoder 1 it becomes Button 1 but if I map something else using Button 1 on zero delay encoder 2 it is labelled Button 1, no different identification so both buttons, whilst mapped to different controls do the same thing. Have googled & searched this but can't find any solutions?
  5. I'm having a weird problem with Launchbox & Ledblinky, when LB starts up it reads out & lights the buttons but it's lighting buttons that I don't have mapped in my controllers mapping. So I have Page Up & Page down empty in my mapping but when I load LB ledblinky reads out Page Up & Page Down. Doesn't matter what I do in the LB mapping nothing changes what ledblinky lights up. Any ideas please?
  6. I'm having a problem with 2 zero delay encoders. They work fine in everything else but in Launchbox / Big Box both controllers show up as the same device. So if I select Button 1 on encoder 1 LB calls it Button 1 but then when I select Button 1 on encoder 2 LB still calls it Button 1 instead of something like encoder 2 Button 1. This obviously causes mapping problems as I have things like Start game mapped to encoder 1 & exit mapped to encoder 2 & then because of this buttons are doubling up. Any ideas anyone.
  7. On Mavaeriks brill youtube videos I saw his coin & start lights flash the coin button first & then Start would flash & coin would go out & then game would begin & his Start light would go out. On my games my coins & Start & staying lit. Any ideas?
  8. Hi, I'm new to LB / BB. I'm having issues with 2 x USB Zero Delay thingies for my controls. Some controls are working some aren't. When I go into control mapping & add a button it will not differentiate between which controller it is getting the input from & will just label it Button 1, so if I use Button 1 on USB 1 for Select & then Button 1 on USB 2 for Pause it will just map both commands to Button 1. I do have use all connected controllers checked. Also the buttons themselves aren't working. I have Button 12 mapped to Play, but it doesn't. Any ideas?
  9. Hi, I'm pulling my hair out trying to get ledblinky to work in Mame 0.214. If I run it through Launchbox all loads & the buttons light up as should. Then for some reason once the animation has stopped it leaves 4 lights lit up? Then when I launch Mame I get no lit buttons at all. Could someone take a look at the attached files & give me a clue as to what i am doing wrong? I'm trying to get this working on just one game to start, asteroids, so I want my 3 buttons, fire, thrust & hyperspace to light up as well as my Start button. Really have no idea what's going on here... The below is my asteroids.cfg located within my Mame64\cfg\ <mameconfig version="10"> <system name="asteroid"> <counters> <coins index="0" number="47" /> </counters> <input> <port tag=":IN0" type="P1_BUTTON5" mask="8" defvalue="0"> <newseq type="standard"> JOYCODE_1_BUTTON3 </newseq> </port> <port tag=":IN0" type="P1_BUTTON3" mask="16" defvalue="0"> <newseq type="standard"> JOYCODE_1_BUTTON12 </newseq> </port> <port tag=":IN1" type="P1_BUTTON4" mask="32" defvalue="0"> <newseq type="standard"> JOYCODE_1_BUTTON2 </newseq> </port> <port tag=":IN1" type="P1_BUTTON2" mask="64" defvalue="0"> <newseq type="standard"> JOYCODE_1_XAXIS_RIGHT_SWITCH </newseq> </port> <port tag=":IN1" type="P1_BUTTON1" mask="128" defvalue="0"> <newseq type="standard"> JOYCODE_1_XAXIS_LEFT_SWITCH </newseq> </port> </input> </system> </mameconfig>
  10. Hi, can I jump in & ask, I'm new to LB & Ledblinky, when LB launches it flashes all my buttons via ledblinky but after the loading animation it stops & then leaves 5 buttons lit. I don't know why it's keeping these 5 lit? I'd ideally like it to have lit the buttons I'm likely to use ie Play, Page Up & Page Down. Where do I go to configure what buttons Ledblinky lights up please?
  11. I like to use Mame Plus over regular Mame as it seems to run more games for some reason. How do I go about adding it to LB, I did so via Add Emulators, types in Mame Plus in emulator name & browsed to the .exe Then I'm asked to enter at least one applicable platform in the grid??? No idea what this means. However i entered Mame Plus into Associated Platforms, checked the default Emulator box, clicked OK & a message came up saying would I like to add keyboardprovider dinput to which I said OK. But I can't get any of my games to play within it, if I delete the main mame from emulators they won't run at all even though I checked the make default box. Any advice please?
  12. Ahh, so there's no way to demo this & check all is as I want?
  13. Hi, I'm a noob to Launchbox having used Hyperspin on my last arcade build some 9 years back. My question re Launchbox is, when everything is configured & up & running does Launchbox display a screen that can be controlled by joystick / buttons where one scrolls through the games & selects (similar to hyperspin) or is this feature only part of the Bigbox thing? I'm not really understanding the difference between the 2?
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