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  1. Thanks a ton, I thought that was only for games we have on our own system. Exactly what I was going to do!
  2. Is there a way to view the games currently in the DB, for a single system, as a text list? This way we could type in multiple names and figure out what still needs to be added. This would make it a breeze for batch file tasks to be performed, by users organizing games prior to import. They would be saved from editing names inside LB in order to acquire metadata.
  3. For me it's relentlessly slow. The lack of speed coupled with a the inability to add multiples of anything in one go is now an excessively time-consuming & patience testing process. Akin to someone opening The Seventh Seal and ushering in the upload apocalypse (if we want to get goyishy about it). If it was moved across the pond that would make sense. Here's a more in-depth speed test from where I currently am staying in Colorado: ᵉᵈᶦᵗ⁻ had to modify hyperlink to be a video preview thing-a-ma-jig
  4. How come the YouTube video link in the Games DB doesn't show the video itself in LB/BB?
  5. clearly it's a happy new year thread with gifs edit 2: flashing doom below: edit 1: they don't work in BB
  6. Oh, btw my test worked and gifs work in LB: The quality only looks bad here, due to size of this gif, recording those gifs. In LB they are Crystal Clear (pun intended).
  7. one image I forgot to add above: @MadK9 : I don't think I'm missing your point, please correct me if this is the point I decided to not address initially: From what I have seen, many (not all) contributors tackle subjects they are enthusiastic about and in similar ways make it a personal project to aid in the growth of the DB. I'm not breaking any rule, I re-typed the rules for a few reasons. The DB is still in an infantile state. We may see image limits in the future if that's deemed necessary by a Dev. The mistakes I made that were pointed out by @Suhrvivor were corrected and continue to be as they appear. As I'm sure you have been following along with this thread, I would like to state outright that the original suggestion/title has come to focus primarily on Pokemon ROM Hacks. In essence, disregard my suggestion for all other titles. I will add to my answer in regard to your main argument: Then it would be wise to adjust their checkboxes/preferences/settings accordingly. Those that don't have the limits you outlined, shouldn't be restrained by them. ****** HOWEVER, If the amount and/or size of images, is or becomes detrimental to the DB itself, then limits should be created and enforced. ****** What you're curious about, I thought I explained to the best of my ability in my previous comment: If you are still puzzled after a second read-through, please outline the specifics you wish me to explain in greater detail, I will do my best. edit: A lot of this is purely my opinion.
  8. If you want to calculate an estimate of how much disk space costs CLICK HERE I'm not doing the math for kb/mb. Those with data caps or on slower connections, should scrape with a plan and not go about it mindlessly in the case of massive downloads There are options. For some reason LaunchBox won't download any images when I do a massive scrape for only rom hacks, I have done them ALL individually (by hand). You clearly have no idea how much space those images take up. It's unlikely that a user has 20+ gigs of Pokemon ROM Hacks for GBA. For a bit of perspective, here are two folders that contain ROMs and images only for Pokemon ROM Hacks for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance: Let's dive into the "Screenshot - Gameplay" folder: Here is the parent folder for all my images contained in LaunchBox on my travel drive: Traveling drive 1tb SSD. Main drives are at home or I would post screens of those 8tb HDDs as well: @MadK9 That's not all the rom hacks I have. I prefer to work on one category at a time. PLUS, that's not compressed yet [(which is quite easy) you could compress images too, but not a major concern]
  9. Well, the first few weeks of moderating, the majority of new GB games in the moderation que had more than 10, one had 30 fanart submissions, and I couldn't find a rule saying anything about number of images. So I went with the least amount required by Pokecommunity. Plus I made a list to abide by (rarely I exceed those 10 "Screenshot - Gameplay" images, if I do, it's for a good reason). If a game doesn't have much in general, then I'll upload less. I try to include the following with "Screenshot - Gameplay": Region map PokeCenter and PokeMart (in one image) PokeDex One unusual biome Pokemon summary screen Battle Image Special Feature (trade evolution without the trade, specialty vendor, example of the ability to use something similar to an HM, pokemon following you, etc...) Character creation if unique (examples: prism, crystal clear) or unique character image. Pokemon Info Legendary or starter options These are usually the things most players are interested in when it comes to pokemon rom hacks. In addition, these 10 images provide a decent assessment of what you are going to be interacting with.
  10. Could you provide a link to where this is stated? I can't seem to find it in the rules, nor do I remember typing that rule out... edit: I usually only add 10 of "Screenshot - Gameplay" images not including game title. If I add more, it's what the Dev included alongside their original thread, where the hack was announced.
  11. That aside, this video displays the main issue here, which illuminates a possible bug or initial coding mistake when using the web-based DB which is what I was asking @Jason Carr about in my second post to this thread: Which @rexryan, @Suhrvivor , and others should maybe, be concerned about. Due to how it affects the generated list shown when adding a new game or the list provided of similar named games when tackling your moderation que. And most importantly for users of the DB who may simply be searching for information on a title.
  12. That is my main focus. Honestly, I only care about rom hacks. I have no reason to alter games in the DB I know literally nothing about, that would be irresponsible of me. Exception being the strike series.
  13. @Suhrvivor please explain why this is happening: https://youtu.be/ya9smvnunVY The official page for the majority of pokemon rom hacks is here: https://www.pokecommunity.com/forumdisplay.php?fn=rom-hacks-studio ^where most (not all) devs publish their projects. Here is 1 proper DB that is not that accurate: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/ Here are some "DBs" with varying degrees of accuracy: https://www.gbahacks.com https://pokemonromhack.com/ Here are a few alternative sources one may check: https://centrorpg.com/index.php?action=forum https://www.pokemoner.com/ https://pokemonromhacks.com/ 9WHeHcnnDw.mp4
  14. I will add, if you search the DB online, using a spelling without diacritical marks, even if that spelling is listed as an "Alternate Name", your search results will only include titles that that have the non-diacritical spelling in the "Name" field. The same happens if we switch it around and query the DB with a diacritical spelling of the title, all the titles without diacritical marks (even if they are listed in the field of "Alternate Name") will not appear in your search results. After testing the above, to no surprise, when you're contributing by submitting a new game or you're shown a "new game" in your moderation queue, you are usually given a list generated by the DB and the same thing as above happens with the results generated, when detecting "similar names/games". Which leads me to believe that the "Alternate Name" field is never used in generating results for your query... @Jason Carr do you recall if this is intended? Is this a bug? I have yet to test this using spelling of titles with characters that are restricted by windows for filenames. I would assume the results to be same; off the top of my head I can't recall a game title to test with. Anyone know of a game title or want to test it out and report back? Finally, this is why I suggest the "Alternate Name" and "Name" format written in the above comment. Primarily to make the DB search as simple as possible for users, since we are not likely to see a change in how the DB search results are generated any time soon. edit: Thinking about this a bit more, If the DB doesn't take into account the "Alternate Name" field at all when you submit a query, it must be a real pain in the ass for people from other countries when searching for a game that has a different title for their region. edit 2: examples
  15. ^ quoting myself on another page For more information please visit: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa365247.aspx If you're on Windows, the characters in the image above will not be allowed in your ROM filenames. Why this is important... example: I don't see a colon on that box. In the event that a restricted character is used in a title, definitely add an alternate name without restricted characters... For the love of easily fetching metadata within LaunchBox, Big Box, and ARC Browser (<3 Android). Speaking of ARC Browser for Android and fetching metadata through LaunchBox DB, unless my ROM filename exactly matches the "Name" section on the DB it will never find it; unsure if this is an ARC Browser issue or DB issue. The following image displays an "é" in the title for the DB, and in my opinion game titles with diacritical marks should not be used as the main name/title for this English based database. Instead titles with diacritical marks and restricted characters should only be added to "Alternate Name" section IMO. If you disagree about the "English based DB" part above, should we change the name to: ポケットモンスター アルタイル ? Obviously, Japanese is allowed in filenames:
  16. @Jason Carr Do your "Total Pending Changes" correlate in any way to the possible length of your "Moderation Queue"? If so, please explain. P.S. This Puck: is the Hope Ender of completing a queue of any length in a reasonable amount of time. WTB Mass Accept/Reject page with multiple entries and check-boxes.
  17. Privacy


    wut? no. I'm serious, you should be a mod, @Thanatos_Prime. Mainly because you're actually helpful. Plus you ask questions and don't assume too much.
  18. A panel from Berserk is now the 3d image. good job fellas. at least they saw through the 2d image, well done whoever you are. In all honesty, I selected the wrong images twice in a row and then realized the proper image was not a supported file.
  19. Privacy


    Vote @Thanatos_Prime for DB Moderator! inb4 I get scolded
  20. I personally dislike Paint and Snipping Tool... don't get me wrong, they get the job done. Sharex is superior in every way. Sharex is more precise and take less steps than the Snipping Tool or PRNTSC to Paint. Finally, it has a vast array of features if you ever need more. An example of how it auto saves: You can make the keybind for screenshots whatever you want, I have it as Alt+Z Edit: instead of a new post, I'll add due to the comment below, that this will also save it to your clipboard if you want it to.
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