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  1. Vloshko


    Vote @Thanatos_Prime for DB Moderator! inb4 I get scolded
  2. I personally dislike Paint and Snipping Tool... don't get me wrong, they get the job done. Sharex is superior in every way. Sharex is more precise and take less steps than the Snipping Tool or PRNTSC to Paint. Finally, it has a vast array of features if you ever need more. An example of how it auto saves: You can make the keybind for screenshots whatever you want, I have it as Alt+Z Edit: instead of a new post, I'll add due to the comment below, that this will also save it to your clipboard if you want it to.
  3. I'll start: Being introduced to interesting games that I most likely would never have heard of and then want to play a few here and there. For the heck of it, I'll add that I dislike this the most: sometimes it never ends...
  4. Youtube has it so you can actually read.
  5. Vloshko


    hmm, I wonder if enough people approved the requests for deletion. Then even if Jeffe is moving them back, will they have a different URL? Rendering those videos that have links useless?
  6. Anyone have any ideas to propose for making game deletion more difficult than "9. Game entries require 3 approvals or 3 rejections in order to proceed in either direction"? Approval for submitting a new game is no issue, but DELETING, I feel should either require more approvals for deletion, or there should be a system that alerts the moderators if mass deletion is attempted and requires them to give the "okay", regardless of the number of users that have hit "Accept" vs "Reject". Of course I have zero idea what is going on under the hood (more of a note to devs).
  7. Vloshko


    I take it these next 425 request I'm mostly rejecting lol nope, only 170ish/425 @Thanatos_Prime remember this:
  8. Vloshko


    1. Completely agree as long as it follows this rule: Although, I'm not too familiar with Arcade games, so I usually use this site for proper titles: https://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=9888 (super dodge ball linked in this instance). Also I believe parenthesis are superscript: https://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/207e/index.htm 2. Refer to #1. 3. I don't quite understand what you mean, most likely due to my lack of knowledge in this area.
  9. Since the field for Wikipedia already exists, could you add what I wrote above: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/28825-moderator-guidelines-and-contributor-rules/?do=findComment&comment=331643 or a modified version using your own words or something to that degree as #13? In addition the following is still relevant and should not be omitted: 14. Game ratings should reflect what is on the box. a. There is no guess work or making up ratings. If one doesn't exist, then one does not exist. <!--revision suggestion: 14. Game ratings should reflect what is found on https://www.esrb.org .--> <!--revision suggestion: a. There is no guess work or making up ratings. If one doesn't exist, then select "Not Rated".--> <!--revision suggestion to 14: b. K+A rating was changed to E. In this case make the rating E.-->
  10. 13-17 @Jason Carr I wonder why you couldn't see these below #12 in my original post of the typed text: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/28825-moderator-guidelines-and-contributor-rules/?do=findComment&comment=331582
  11. I Didn't realize you have already added 1-12. Regardless, my apologies for the confusion. Instead of a revision, add a rule with something along the lines of this example: 18. Appropriate links for the Wikipedia field are: Wikipedia, Gamepedia, Fandom Wiki, (I'm probably forgetting something) a. ROM Hacks and Home Brews may have a creators website, forum post, or google doc added if none of the above sources have content pertaining to their creation. b. ROM Hacks may have a creators website, forum post, or google doc added if it contains a download link to a .UPS, .IPS, or .BPS file. c. ROM Hacks may not have a creators website, forum post, or google doc added if it contains a download link to a ROM of a licensed game.
  12. Correct. 3. would be a slightly better choice due to it coming before the "overview"/"description" in the DB UI and this would be reflected in the guidelines. However since everything is already out of order, adding #18 stating something along those lines would be the least amount of work.
  13. 18. A lower number would work, but that requires more effort on your part, unless you have someone do it for you.
  14. @Jason Carr (last ping) Any chance we could have revision for allowed Wikipedia links specifically in regard to rom hacks (RH) and homebrews (HB) stated in the text? The majority of RH's and HB's either have a website or forum post created/written/updated by the creator(s) dedicated to the RH or HB with all the information that one would need in regard to their content. In all the cases I have come across of dedicated websites and forums posts (by the creator), one is unable to find a link to ROM, since nobody enjoys receiving a C&D. Plus, it's necessary in some cases to avoid game breaking bugs. If it's a hard "no" to dedicated websites and forum posts by the creator, how about google docs? Finally, I've tested it and had no issues from a non wikipedia site, as typed here (my test was with a google doc):
  15. Do you enjoy puzzle? If so check this one out: https://www.mit.edu/~puzzle/2017/puzzle/the_puzzle_at_the_end_of_this_book.html (click on cover and spreads in order)
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