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  1. Hmmm...weird. I just took the leap and wiped out my arcade platform and re-imported with all of the "skips" enabled and "Import Originals Only " enabled. It still is pulling in junk like this: Is that correct?
  2. Ah that could be. I originally imported these the classic import ROMs way and then yesterday re-imported using the mame set approach. These could be leftover from the prior. Maybe I can look for the import date to distinguish one from the other. I'm hesitant to blow everything away as I think also imported some stuff previously that doesn't use MAME, but instead uses dedicated arcade system emulators (supermodel, etc). But maybe not. I will eye that. Thanks!
  3. I have a bunch of Games Missing Media that I am trying to clean up. As I'm going through some of these, I'm realizing that many of the games are in the GamesDB, but for whatever reason, they weren't populated with metadata. Given this, I had hoped to use "Tools->Download Metadata and Media" to clean up many of these in bulk, but it doesn't seem to find a match. That said, when I go to edit the games directly, "Search for MetaData" does find a result. This forces me to go through all of these one-by-one when I expect you provided the bulk method intentionally. Here's an example of t
  4. Here's a weird one that has popped up recently. I'm not sure exactly what changed to cause the problem. LEDBlinky version didn't originally change, but I have kept RetroArch and LaunchBox up to date. The behavior: Expected: I launch any retroarch game from launchbox. Normally as the startup screen appears, LEDBlinky kicks in, changes my LED buttons to reflect the buttons for the game and announces each button: "A Button: Jump", etc. Actual: I launch any retroarch game from launchbox. The LEDs do not change and no button mappings are announced. When I quite retroarch
  5. Is there any way to bulk-move playlists to a new parent category or do I have to right-click and edit each one individually? I'm trying to clean up and categorize the dozens of MAME playlists that are generated. Thanks!
  6. I am running AMD Ryzen 3 2200g with Radeon Vega Graphics
  7. I've tried both, I believe. Here's my aae.ini ;####AAE MAIN INI#### [main] ;#mame_rom_path =R:\Arcade\AAE\roms mame_rom_path =R:\Arcade\AAE\roms screenw =1920 screenh =1080 windowed =1 doublebuffer = 1 ;Enable Duble buffering for a smoother display drawzero =0 widescreen = 0 force_vsync =1 linewidth = 2.0 ;#Linewidth for Vector Games pointsize = 1.6 ;#PointSize for Vector Games gamma =127 bright =127 contrast =127 translucent = 1 accumlevel = 0 fire_point_size = 20 ;#ASTEROIDS AND ASTEROIDS DELUXE explo
  8. I was never able to get this to work. Let us know if you figure it out!
  9. Are the videos intentionally rotated 90 degrees? Seems a little different than what was done here: Grateful regardless!
  10. I am also trying to get AAE to work. I'm finding that even when using rocketlauncher, whenever I exist AAE my entire windows 10 machine loses resolution and color and gets stuck like that. Have to reboot. Anyone get past this?
  11. This is great!! The Platform Images share seems to be empty now though. Is that correct?
  12. Thanks so much for this submission! Where is the XML file? I don't see it in the downloads of this post. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for your help! I'll keep plugging away
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