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  1. Joe, Sorry to be a pain in the ass here 🤸‍♂️ I created the AHK (see below). Also created a new emulator and put the AHK file in the "Emulator Application Path". I get these two errors. script.ahk
  2. Hey Joe, Plan A didn't work. Plan B seems complicated (to me ). I'll figure out how to make an Auto hotkey script and do the things you suggested and I'll give feedback on plan B. Thx!🙏
  3. Hey Joe, Thx for your reply but I'm probably doing it all wrong here. All of my roms are of the SMC type so I tried putting in /SMC=<filename> /RUN in the Standard Command-Line parameters: It doesn't work 🙄. Thanks 👊
  4. Hi, Does any one know the correct command lines to start GamePark GP32 games in GeePee32? Thx
  5. Once you put in the correct standard command line (tvlinkp -cart), it works like charm! Thx man! 🙏
  6. Any news on emulating the Watara Supervision through Launchbox? ✌️
  7. Hi! Does anyone have any experience with AAE emulation? Can't find much info on google. Only some old emulator (http://pages.suddenlink.net/aae/) from 2008 and some hyperspin showoffs on youtube :). Thx!
  8. Hi! I tried your tutorial and stubled upon this error. In the Daphne tutorial (which works fine) you also have to asign the the *.txt files in Daphne. But this is not possible because the American Laser Games are not in the List. Is there a possibility to add games to this list? What am I doing wrong? Thx! Additional question: Are there USB laser guns that actually work on an LED screen? What type? Where to get them? How to configure?
  9. I shouldn't have unzipped the bios files! Zipped it seem to work! I'll do some more testing later. You're a genius! Thanks man!🙏
  10. Hi! I stumbled upon a problem with the NAOMI and NAOMI 2 system. I tried different emulators and each one has his own problems. Can't figure it out. If hope to get one of these emulators to work. First Emulator: DEMUL v0.7 alpha I can get DEMUL to launch through Launchbox but it give me the error:"Unable to find 'epr-21576d.ic27' in romset naomi". But that file is located in the directory that I assigned to the games and roms. The type of game rom files are *.zip and contains type *.ic* files. Maybe I'm using incompatibele rom files? In the settings menu I tried already the 3 different rom options (gdrimage, gdrCHD, gdrDEMUL). What's the correct one with these type of files? Command lines (-run=naomi -rom=) are put in the right place, Correct boxes are checked. Note: I also use DEMUL for Sammy Atomiswave and that works perfect with launchbox. Once you put in the proper command line (-run=awave -rom=) and check the right boxes. Second Emulator: RetroArch 1.7.5 with reicast core Starting the game in RetroArch through Launchbox works, the game starts but I get black screen. I know the game is in running the background because I hear sound when I use the controls. I used the epr-21576g.ic27 (2048kB) that I renamed and put in the ...\system\dc\ folder. Help Thx a bunch!
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