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  1. Hi, any idea on what plugin that might be? thnx edit: are you sure it's a plugin? there is no such icons in any of the theme folders.
  2. No worries, you did a find job already, no hurries Thanks for all your effort into this great tool!
  3. Hi thanks for your theme, one question, any idea on why my icons for players, rating, ... don't show up? i looked at the folders and noticed only icons for "genre" are there. thanks! H
  4. Ah, eureka! Progress Unfortunatly it only small caps worked when i added it into the xaml. But I could just edit my photoshop files to match the current size of the normal caps. However, i also ran into a problem where the manufacturer doesn't push asside the system name. I come from a html/css background and what i wanted to do was something like this: <span style=font-size:60px;color:rgba(0,0,0,0.67);font-family:'Barlow Condensed';><span style="font-weight:light;text-transform:uppercase">Capcom</span><span style="font-weight:bold;text-transform:uppercase"
  5. I'm guessing that's within visual studio and not that theme editor ?
  6. Hi, could you point me out in the directions on how to auto capitalize my text? thanks in advance
  7. Wow that helps a lot! Few questions: how do i capitalize my font? how do i use the condensed style of my font? i can only choose italic and normal, regular and bold. (i have medium, light, ultra light, ...) my font's don't seem to load in bigbox, only in the editor, do i need to place them inside launchbox somewhere? edit: found the solution: had to place my fonts in the theme folder inside launchbox folder. Thanks in advance H
  8. Hi there I'm in the progress of making a theme for retrofe and decided to port it here or finish it here. I did notice theming looks a bit harder here so it might take some time. I just finished the systems design today. It's roughly based on the retrofe Aura theme. More to come in the near future. H
  9. wow i love this theme, thanks for your hard work. hoping to see more systems added in the future keep up the great work!
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