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    Best theme out there in my opinion, looks fantastic and displays a lot of informations at the same time while keeping big videos, love it
  1. Loving it so far Maybe if i'd want to improve a thing or two, the horizontal views for the games are amazing but the pointer is a bit clunky with some logos, maybe it would be better to put it under the logos instead of around them? Like a shorter neon one just pointing at the logo ! Also the choice for this kind of horizontal view would be amazing for the platforms too ! Another one would be with the first vertical wheel for the games: it could maybe have the ratings/region/year/playmode/genre/developer/publisher on the left even if it means less space for the description (it can still scroll though) so this way when the game has no description or a small one, the left part doesn't look empty ! And you still have a big clean video on the right ! I don't know if it's possible to fit that many information on the left but at least the ratings and some informations like the previous version ! That's only my personal preferences and the theme is already great so it's only some suggestions Keep up the good work you are the best !
  2. You are right, i switched launchbox to english and it looks like it solved the problem So looks like there is a conflit with the french language but that's not too big of a deal, at least for me, so don't worry !
  3. Looks great ! The theme doesn't show yet in big box themes for me so i downloaded it manually but it doesn't display the weels even in the settings menu, it shows only the background Here is a screenshot of the error message i get when i blindly press some buttons (it sends me back to a default theme). It does the same with the beta and the final version ! Hope you can fix it cause your themes are amazing
  4. So amazing !! It would be so nice with a ''music'' or ''jukebox'' one !
  5. Well you got me completely hyped there Keep up the good work, you are a true hero ! Your theme is really the best looking one IMO, if it can be improved in performance and with matching medias it will just become the theme to go for everyone
  6. Amazing work here, favorite theme for sure ! Do you plan to make any intro video for this?
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