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  1. Hey guys, I have a mixed bag of Dreamcast Roms, some in cdi format and some compressed with winrar in rar format. Is there any way to use the rar files without decompressing? Not a huge deal if I have to decompress but would rather leave them if possible. Currently using Flycast core Thanks!
  2. Hello again, Is there a setting somewhere that would allow both 2d and 3d box images to be used with a priority for 3d? This way, if there is not a 3d box image available, instead of showing the LB placeholder cube, it would revert and use the 2d image instead? Thanks!
  3. The advanced renamer is a great tool It is what I had already used. I put the portable version in my dependencies folder on a portable HD with all of my LB files just for this sort of thing. Got it pretty well sorted out now. Thanks again!
  4. Ok. I just cancelled out of the re-import I was trying and did a CTRL+A inside GBA and deleted everything while in LB. Closed and restarted LB and just began a new import of those ROMs with the better names. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the help! Now I know to check the naming before importing any large quantities of ROMs!!
  5. Hello! I am loving this process so far, however, I have run into a small issue. I imported a folder of GBA Rom's of which several (more than 30) have a #GBA in the file name. These roms are already in LB and they play without issue. The problem is that Metadata does not get pulled reliably if at all. I have gone into a couple and manually changed the title and then the metadata is downloaded without an issue. This led me to use a mass file renaming utility (Advanced Renamer) which allowed me to get rid of just the #GBA in the file names. The problem is, LB still sees them wi
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