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  1. Hello, I have this logo and i need playstation classic mini plz like this, and if you can improve some i am glad ^^ @sundogak
  2. First time using gimp 2 days ago but use Photoshop instead now, what need 10 min on gimp is done in 5 sec in Photoshop a friend show me a Little. You juste need open the psd drag and drop a clear logo backgrounds or other and work on a little. A real grafist can selfmade the artwork but nobody have done the playlist I use or i didn't find it.
  3. I do this myself, i can only copy and paste no photoshop skill.
  4. Hello, if someone have this silver ring for complete my collection plz : Art of fighting Bioshock BlazBlue Cuphead Dark souls Darkstalkers Duke Nukem Fatal Fury Quantic dream Streets of rage Witcher
  5. When i import for one game i get all launchbox+emumovie média but when i import for all game launchbox dowload nothing from emumovie.
  6. Hello, i want add coldepipes no intro aae rom in my launchbox, i duplicate rom/emulator/images and vidéos, add plateforme and emulator, but all game doesn't work, the windows instantly close. Plz help
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