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  1. he has something on GitHub, but not savy enough to figure it out https://github.com/iGarikoitz/Aura
  2. Hi Faeran, I have an idea for your next stream this theme looks bloody amazing: the guy has a few different versions so lots of inspiration to take from.
  3. Hi, after updating to LaunchBox v11.4, whenever I exit out of BigBox it will not close down the background process, so I am unable to open LaunchBox or BigBox again without doing it manually via the taskmanager. Its the same problem regardless of how I start big box (either straight from the bigbox.exe or via LaunchBox) Quitting LaunchBox is working fine (as long as I didn't open bigbox) /Rod
  4. i am actually getting the excact same error ;( no plugins the latest version that works for me is (i dont have to test)
  5. well its more important to play with your son so don't feel bad about that
  6. awesome! just started adding TeknoParrot games to my arcade so these are right on!
  7. ahh, got ya! thanks for the clarification !
  8. Oh I was under the impression that CriticalCid did the theme in the community theme creator.
  9. I totally love this theme, but as always there are minor changes that every person would like to make it suit better to individual needs But instead of bugging for different stuff I was wondering if it would be possible to get the theme tso I could import it into the community theme creator and be able to do it myself? I will of course give you all the credit you deserve if I decide to publish the changes I end up making! /Rod
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