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  1. What makes you think I didn't read that thread already?
  2. Couple of quick questions about using this and a stand alone version of MAME and an issue with retroarch for emulators. The MAME I am using is looking up bezels as part of the /artwork folder. those bezels are zipped up by game along with the marquee and other artwork. I do not use retroarch for MAME so is there some way to incorporate the art I currently have but use the bezel project bezels? I couldn't find this information by searching. Can someone point me in the right direction? For RetroArch/BB I am also not seeing the bezels show up for emulators or their games after running windows BP setup and following the steps to download and then configure for each sysstem. It appears the bezel project is looking in the right location when I look atbezelproject.ini . What cfg files would I need to look at to verify my rom names are correct ( I suspect they are), that bezels are turned on, and that the location for each is correct? in bezelproject.ini I see this for Atari 2600: atari2600=input_overlay =":/overlays/Atari-2600.cfg",input_overlay_opacity = "1.000000" and I have both Retroarch and Bezel project installed in this dorectory (seperate folders) C:\Users\Tilt Arcade\AppData\Roaming ( so C:\Users\Tilt Arcade\AppData\Roaming\RetroArch and C:\Users\Tilt Arcade\AppData\Roaming\Bezel Project respectively )
  3. I didn't add Intellivison, it added itself so I assumed that was correct. It is Mattel Intellivision in Retroarch and it is listed in LB as Platform: Mattel Intellivision, so I bet I do need to edit that. I can try to add SuperGrafx, which apparently is PC Engine SuperGrafx. I made an assumption it was in the list already as NEC PC FX. let me go make some changes and see what happens.
  4. I use Retroarch for all of my emulators. They will launch within retroarch without issue. I have the correct cores selected in Emulators>Retroarch>Associated Platforms For Intellivision it's "freeintv_libreto" For SuperGrafx (NEC PC-FX) it is "mednafen_pcfx_libreto" but when I launch a title in LB it will not launch. in Retroarch, no problem. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  5. I am using Retroarch to launch all my emulators except MAME. In retroarch I can launch Super Mario Bros using the World edition rom "Super Mario Bros (JU) (PRG 0)" but in Launchbox the Super Mario Bros rom was some hacked no intro and it doesn't launch. ( Super Mario Bros (JU) (No Title Hack).) So I just want to change this game in Launchbox to play the ROM that works. If I right click on SMB in LB I can select from an entire list of ROMS, I want to make the working ROM the default ROM so I don't have to continually select it from a list. How is this accomplished?
  6. UPDATE: I got it working. My main monitor was set to 150% and my marquee was set to 100%. For whatever reason this caused issues with BB in displaying the marquee. So it's working, but I have the smallest font on my 32" monitor now, lol! I am having the same exact issue as you. What do you men by "ignore the resolution" and "brute force the the marquee to stretch? I am going nuts here trying to figure this out. Can you please share EXACTLY what you did and your xmal files? my marquee monitor is detected at 1680x342 in windows. it also refuses to display any marquee from Bigbox. I have tried ALL of the examples in this thread to no avail. I cannot figure out how you got yours to work!
  7. Just to add to this. Because of the current keyboard mapping issue when you cannot use the default MAME controls as I explained above it also breaks LEDBlinky, which no longer lights the keys I had to change to get around this bug in bigbox
  8. That is not how it works right now. if I click on it to remap and do not wait the 5 seconds it ADDS the key, it doesn't clear the current selection and then replace it with my selection, it adds it so there are now 2 options for that selection.
  9. correct. I understand this. I have an arcade cabinet. I have my P1 buttons configured in BB to do the following: P1B1 Select P1B2 (not used in BB) P1B3 Page up P1B4 back P1B5 (not used in BB) P1B6 Page Down Now I am using an iPac encode that maps MAME default keys to these buttons, s o in red is the MAME default and in blue is the BB action) P1B1 Return(Select) L-CTRL P1B2 (not used in BB) P1B3 Page up space P1B4 back L-SHIFT P1B5 (not used in BB) P1B6 Page Down X So looking at the above keys, if I go into BB and want to remap BB so my button 1 is used to select/start a game I go into keyboard mapping. I select the return, click on it. Then wait 5 seconds for it to clear out. At this point it should clear out and stay active/available for me to hit P1B1 on my cabinet to set this control. It does not. It waits 5 seconds and then clears it out and saves it as a blank entry. Now I literally have no return button mapped in BB. I have to go delete the XML file and let BB create a new one to get teh return functionality back. I tried keeping return as return and adding L-CTRL but Return is already mapped in iPac as 1a, which I use as a pinball flipper button so that doesn't work for me as an option. So really the only way to map BB correctly to the buttons I have chosen on my arcade cabinet is to completely remap MAME. Not really an acceptable solution. If BB would stop auto saving the cleared entries immediately this would not be an issue at all.
  10. when you go to Options>keyboard mappings and try to change a mapping you see "wait 5 seconds to clear" but then you cannot enter a new key. It SHOULD be wait 5 seconds to clear, then it clears and is ready for the new key. Instead it waits 5 seconds to clear and then sets it as a cleared entry. This is a problem when trying to remap "return" in BB to the default Player 1 button 1 in MAME (L-CTRL) because you let it clear, but then it autosaves as a blank and now return is no longer available to do anything in BB. in BigBoxSettings.xml it sets it to "0". There is literally no way to keep mame defaults and map BB correctly.
  11. good to know. I have a lifetime to bigbox but was trying to get it all working in LB first..
  12. So I have a arcade cab running mame and LB. I am using the default MAME controls for my joysticks and buttons for MAME. However if I try to map LB to these controls they simply do not work (under Tools>Controllers>mappings) So things like Player1 Button 1(P1B1) is mapped to L-CTRL P1B2 is L-alt P1B3 space P1B4 L-Shift etc... But when I try to map "Select" in LB and I hit "clear" and then press the correct button on my cabinet, it does not register. It WILL register in notepad so I know these buttons are working and are active. How do I remedy this issue? I need to use the arcade buttons to select/launch/exit games in LB. note: I have tried mapping the correct key with a keyboard as well, same result. LB will not accept the input. INPUT NORMAL CODES CODES WITH SHIFT (hold 1 player start) COIN 1 5 COIN 2 6 START 1 1 START 2 2 ESC 1 RIGHT R arrow Tab 1 LEFT L arrow Enter 1 UP U arrow Key Below ESC (Volume, gamma, etc ) 1 DOWN D arrow P (pause) 1 SW 1 L-ctrl 5 (Coin A) 1 SW 2 L-alt 1 SW 3 space 1 SW 4 L-shift 1 SW 5 Z 1 SW 6 X 1 SW 7 C 1 SW 8 V 1 A P 1 B ENTER START 1 1 START 2 2 Esc 2 RIGHT G 2 LEFT D 2 UP R 2 DOWN F 2 SW 1 A 2 SW 2 S 2 SW 3 Q 2 SW 4 W 2 SW 5 I 2 SW 6 K 2 SW 7 J 2 SW 8 L
  13. Hello, I am hoping someone can tell me what is going on here with LEDBlinky. I have LEDBlinky set up with MAME/LB. But for unknown reasons LEDBlinky will not speak or light the correct controls or flash the coin and start buttons(when coined up). I have LEDBlinky configured correctly as far as I can tell. I can see my startup animation, my exit animation, and my single frame for active animation. It just will not light the controls during the game or speak the controls. It will light the controls briefly when speaking the game name. What it does do though, is keep the front end buttons lit like the FE is active. I have also tried messing with the Game Start Delay timer on the Game Options tab but that doesn't fix the issue. NOTE: The same exact thing happens in Bigbox as well. It appears to me that maybe LB is telling LEDBlinky to stop the game early? MAME version: 0.223 Launchbox 11.3 (happens in 11.2 as well) I have two short videos at the end showing what is happening. Here is the MAME output, I thought it would show the LED's turning on or off but it doesn't. Start MAME or MAME32. Run any game(s) to display Outputs. 00001 MAME Start 00002 Ouptut(0): GALAGA 00003 Ouptut(12345): ORIENTATION(\\.\DISPLAY1) 00004 00001 ORIENTATION(\\.\DISPLAY1) off(0) [unassigned] 00005 MAME Stop 00006 MAME Start 00007 Ouptut(0): GALAGA 00008 Ouptut(12345): ORIENTATION(\\.\DISPLAY1) 00009 00002 ORIENTATION(\\.\DISPLAY1) off(0) [unassigned] 00010 MAME Stop 00011 MAME Start 00012 Ouptut(0): GALAGA 00013 Ouptut(12345): ORIENTATION(\\.\DISPLAY1) 00014 00003 ORIENTATION(\\.\DISPLAY1) off(0) [unassigned] 00015 MAME Stop Game options:Launchbox: MAME: FE Options: Video 1 - didn't even speak the game name, but I think I hit a button to cancel it. Video 2 shows the game name being said and the controls briefly lighting up correctly before going back to the FE animation. @arzoo
  14. thanks. got the link, got LB up and running...now on to BB
  15. I installed LB on my SSD C drive but want all the assets on my 6TB D drive. I found the XML files but what a pain to edit. Instead I found this post, and it's so much quicker and easier using symbolic links in Windows:
  16. Is there some XML file I can manipulate? I do NOT want to go through each and every line to change my assets folder to another drive...
  17. Thanks for this. I am going to get premium from both places. Currently waiting on the DL link for LB..seems the website isn't emailing it out.
  18. Hello, I am new to LB. I requested a download link to my gmail acct but it was never sent. Trying to reenter my email address gives an error message. (I assume because that email was just used) Not sure if the website is borked.. Are there alternative sources to download the latest stable version?
  19. $300 + shipping (~ $35 ) They are NEW in box. Currently have 4 available Can be used to rotate game specific marquees as you cycle through your games. No power cords come with the display. They are powered by 12v from your PC or arcade power supply. I had to rework the molex connector in the LCD to make it connect. Super easy to do. Just cut the old molex off, extend the wires to your PC power supply, ad a new Molex connector that fits your PC, or wire in to your switching arcade power supply. Done. They accept DVI or VGA connections. Each box comes with a long DVI and a long VGA cable. Once powered on Win10 recognized immediately. Dimensions are 5.125" high and 19.5" wide. 22" screen. metal frame easily comes off for painting. Native resolution is 1680x342
  20. I am trying to figure out if I need to go find marquee, bezel, etc assets for mame and my consoles or if those assets are retrieved automatically if you have BB and Emu subscriptions. Where can I find this information? what exactly is downloaded through the software and what do I need to source on my own?
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