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  1. I dropped something on my keyboard and LB went to this crazy view. Restarting LB doesn't revert it back. How do I get out of this? I don't see a views option or anything...
  2. Thanks for this. I had the same issue, putting the script in the exit AHK..because, well, I wanted to exit the game. Not very intuitive to non-programmers, but I get it now.
  3. which AHK script worked for you? I am having the same issue with m64p and the AHK I have isn't working. $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} }
  4. Just an FYI..the zip I downloaded from here does not include the vector.ini file. Was it removed after your last update? Nevermind..it is in the other 1.01 July update update file.
  5. I'm running 28 gold leaf rgb's and an ultimarc iPac UIO. Can't say I noticed anything like this.
  6. I know you do need to name marquee images the same as the game, but I was wondering if anyone figured out a way to default to a single marquee that displays for games that currently have no marquee? It would be cool if BB could default to the platform marquee if the game marquee is missing. I am assuming it isn't possible based on how the images must be named, but I thought I would ask. Thx
  7. ahh..thank you. I needed to set the change view to a button. All good now.
  8. Originally in BB I was using the default theme. I like the way it looks but I wanted to try a few others. When I reverted back to the default theme it did not revert back to displaying my game lists like it used to. How do I go back to enabling it? Example: here is what I had: but then I switched to Colorful, Unified, and another. I didn't like them as much. I went back to Default and now it looks like this, which I cannot stand: I have not found a way to get this back to what I want. I even reverted to a backup copy of Default that I saved before making any changes. It must be some xaml file in views but I am not sure what to do to get rid of this effect. Any ideas?
  9. I've got to figure out that but totient method for mame.
  10. Reimported as a full set...problem solved. Thx
  11. honestly, i do not remember. I may have just used Import Roms...
  12. I use merged ROM sets so that will not work for me. I suppose I could just break this one out and re-import, right? I wish there was a way for LB just to launch the different versions in a merged set.
  13. I want to have the 2 player version of Centipede as the default version in LB. MAME runs Centipede Rev 4 as the default version "mame64.exe centiped" The problem with this is "centiped" (rev4) is broken and has no 2 player option. To get 2 players I need to launch "mame64.exe centiped3" (For reference: https://mametesters.org/view.php?id=5741 ) In Launchbox I have been messing with adjusting the fields under "launching" but cannot get this to work. Also there are no options under Additional Applications for Centipede. How can I get LB to launch the version I want?
  14. in case anyone is curious or isn't sure, it works with visual pinball as well.
  15. well that certainly answers all my questions, thank you. and thank you all for the dedication and hard work. I cannot imagine the hours spent on a project like this. It looks like I'll have to manually edit quite a few files to get bezels on everything, nbd. At least I know the answer now and it wasn't me doing something wrong.
  16. Hello, I am getting this to work, for the most part. I just am noticing a lot of inconsistencies in the naming of the ROMs vs what BP is looking for, even after I use the latest .dat file from No-Intro to verify/rename my roms. For example, with TurboGrafx-16, when I load the .dat file in ROM center and load my roms, it claims they are 100% named correctly. No changes made. But when I look at the rom name it is different than what BP expects. Is this mismatch just an issue I need to manually fix across all my emulators? I thought the CFG files were 100% based on the No-Intro names for roms? Here is an example from TG16: Rom: Bomber Man (USA).pce BP CFG file name: Bomberman (USA).cfg RomCenter: ( you probably can't read it..but it is all green, no names need to be updated) I have this across all my emulators. So my second question is, has anyone found an easy(automated) way to update the BP cfg names based on the names in your actual ROM directory instead of the No-Intro dat file?
  17. Yes, i shouldn't have to, but LB does anyway. I went through this with NES and Colecovision. I am trying to avoid having to re-download all the assets for every other system again. There must be a way to do this other than as I have already outlined.
  18. So to use the bezel project I am using romcenter to rename all of my roms to the proper no-intro convention. When I have renamed the ROMS they of course no longer work in launchbox. If I do tools>scan for added roms it doesn't seem to find them. If I do tool>scan for removed roms it removes everything, including the console. I can only seem to get them back with the new names by doing tools>import>Rom files. But doing this makes LB re-download all assets again, which is stuff I have already downloaded. Is there a simpler way to do this that I am missing?
  19. Ah, good to know. I must have missed that when reading through their website.
  20. I've been looking at their site and do not see them on their list. Seems like something they would have already. Can anyone confirm?
  21. well since I can't make heads or tails of what they are saying in there half the time, and it's nearly 2 years of comments that may or may not even be relevant as this project has evolved, it's a bit confusing.
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