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  1. Hey i just got my premium emumovies account and was wanting to download videos..is there an easier way than to go into launchbox, hit edit on each individual game, then videos, then download videos and hit the emumovies tab? I have over 100 games, I would rather not manually search each game individually to see if it has emumovies content. Also, I am wondering if this is even working properly, most games so far says it does not have any emumovies content..Art of Fighting 2, and Bad Dudes are pretty popular games, but it says no content...am i doing this wrong? Thanks
  2. Hey I know that people play Android games on PC through Bluestacks and other android emulators...but I have not really seen any platform videos. Are there any? I have been looking for a while and figured Id ask the community to see if i overlooked any before creating my own.
  3. Ahhh..thanks. I see now. Thanks it works
  4. Hey, this actually didnt work for me. I dont think I was clear in what I wanted though. So the default startup view that I want to keep it on is the platform view (and it is clear logos now) but then when i select the platform, the next screen is to select the game but it's all text and no clear logos.
  5. thanks...I was trying to find the right view, and searched...However, I will bind a key to in the mapping section tonight and hopefully find the right view that way. thanks
  6. Hey great theme! I noticed on the preview video that when you are selecting games, it is a wheel with the clear logos of each game. However, I cannot get it to do that, instead it is just a list of games that are listed vertically (no wheel or clear logos). The only clear logo and wheel is when I select platforms. Is there a way to change this in the settings? I have searched but cannot figure it out. thanks.
  7. Ill mess with the settings on the monitor. Its was given to me, and the monitor is old and was basically rejected from my office and they said i can have it for free. Its just a placeholder until I save up for a good monitor...also my son may have done something with the settings. thanks ill try to fix it tonight.
  8. mine does not look like that at all.
  9. I have been trying to find the total game count of my games for days now, but I cannot find it on launchbox. I thought it used to be on the bottom corner. Was it removed with a new update? I tried everything, but cannot find the number of games installed unless I manually count them. any help is appreciated thanks
  10. So my kids play a game that runs from the Epic Games client. Very often, they will have to aks for my help because they can hear the game but cannot play it. Well they launch it from Big Box, because thats where all the games are, but then it sometimes opens in a separate window, which is hidden because Big Box is still taking up the whole screen. I have to manually exit Big Box and then they kids can see their game and play it. Am i doing something wrong in the settings? I manually added this game by just adding the shortcut path in the launch path section of launchbox. thanks
  11. sorry for the late reply. but thank you this is perfect
  12. I dont actually use ROMs. All the games on my PC were bought.
  13. Thanks I've searched the forum in the link in the past, but never asked the question. I am hoping to get some help I bought Contra Anniversary Collection on Steam. It contains 7 Contra games in it. When you open the game, it brings you to a page where you can select one of the 7 games (Contra, Super C, Contra Hard Corps, etc). So it's essentially a frontend within the game, I guess. I would like each of these games to show separate on launchbox. I dont want to just have Contra Anniversary Collection to show up in Launchbox/Big Box, I want each game to be there. So I manually added Contra, Super C, Hard Corps, etc into launchbox with the launch path for each being the shortcut to Contra Anniversary Collection (since that is the game where each individual games are). I would like to see if there is a way to go into Bigbox, select to play the individual game and then have AHK select the individual game for me. So it automatically launches the specific title within the Collection for me. Right now, if I select Super C on Bigbox...it takes me to the frontend of the Contra Anniversary Collection game and then I manually select Super C myself...I would like to see if I can get AHK to launch Super C automatically
  14. hey so you are putting systems in it, as in consoles? if so, what pcb are you using? are you planning on using a switch box to switch between console and PC? I think your specs are good. I am also waiting to update my GPU.
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