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  1. Thanks, wow i cant believe that retrofresh can be one of them, it is my favorite theme, even had it with me a long time. Now knowing that i can edit it , i can do a lot of things, so cool!!
  2. Hi, i love this tool. i just have a question, can i modify an existing theme created by someone else with this ? (example unified theme, or big couch, etc)
  3. Themes Used: Unified Pause Theme by @RetroNi Game Controls FS by @Retro808 The idea comes when i fell in love with Unified Pause Theme by @RetroNi with the amazing boxart and Game Controls FS by @Retro808 , but unfortunate of me i couldn't find one that have both Boxart and a controls , so i really really wanted both, i saw two themes (in my opinion) perfect but limited to one thing and i wanted both at the same time, so determined i decided to adventure on try to mix both and have a boxart view from Unified Pause Theme and a control panel like Game Controls FS, th
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