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  1. Thank you that helps as thats not clear but knowing it means i can move on quicker and leave problems behind which are not solvable at this time. Thanks neil9000 youre a genuine asset to this community and a good spokesperson to promote the launchbox brand!
  2. THanks i get that but when you see a game like dragons crown run perfectly even on low end systems its easy to think thats true of all. Though both those games are on the playable list so i feel they might be workable with right settings. Yes I have them on other emus but am trying to build a semi complete reflection of each console Greatest hits even with cross over. The arcade im making will be for fun and family but also as a mini museum so the young uns can learn about the history and progression of gaming.
  3. PAYS TO ASK! I was wondering why my drive lost 100gb over night! So I have my ps3 on a sep drive to avoid this and if i remove them the game wont work because....OMG im running the games from the spare drive not the emulator virtual ones! Ofcourse thats where the eboots are! so if i remove them ofcourse it fails as im running the wrong eboots! i have 10 emus and this is the only one which does that haha SO is there a way to Do you use ps3 emu ? if so maybe have a look at this....seems like a setting issue : THANKS!!! TO ALL!!!!
  4. thanks for reply. Not when its a digial game. So on the now defumct PSNStuff database every game is a pkg (and it has all games and their dlc and super fast DL. And if you want a game which wasnt released physically like TURTLES IN TIME reshellled (which obviously is a must have for a retro fan haha) then i believe its only a pkg. And if you remove the pkg once installed the game wont run so they act as eboots for the eumlator and LB via the emu. PKG are also updates and dlc so i think thats what youre thinking of... I downloaded pkg game (turtles) from 3 sources and all pkg. I dont think you can convert a pkg to an eboot. Any ideas? seems like this might be a common issue for ps3 emulation... EDIT: ignore this. the emu makes copies of the games on the hdrive so you can delete them but only if LB is looking for the copies. ANd the emu makes the pkg into EBOOTS for us WOOT! thanks
  5. pc win 10 intel 5 3.7 8gb ram questions 1) pcsx2 - any progress on making VAMPIRE DARKSTALKER COLLECTION work on ps 2 emu ? This is a well known issue and there have been many posts on this in the past but ive yet to get it working. The issue is severe graphical glitches and stutter and slowdown. I used a .dll file and fixed the glitches but it still runs at about 10 fps with distortion. Was hoping it was a settings issue . ANy ideas? 2) rpcs3 (see squirrel girl) BlazblueChrono Phantasma Extend ps3 is meant to be compatable but what ever i do i get this see through characters despite the game running reliavely smoothly and no other obvious issues. Again maybe a setting issue . ANy ideas? Ive spent hours on this before asking... thanks
  6. thanks for reply. Where is the games ps serial and why does that matter? as explained that works fordumps of games but digital only games only have a .pkg file so there is not eboot.bin. Some games were only digial like TURTLES IN TIME RESHELLED. SO i need a way to launch a digital game without an eboot. Do you have ps3 on launchbox? any ideas? thanks
  7. Hey ...So using the following method I have mostly got ps3 working in LB. I use emulator rpcs3 and in config / emulation / - launch game after boot - start game in fullscreen - exit when finish then add the emulator to LB and autoscript : Then add your game via the eboot.bin and then rename it and add images etc. It will then launch automatically and exit on escape. BUT if the game is a digital game ... which is usually comprises of a .PKG (with a rap sometimes) then this system doesnt work SO I need to know how to trick LB into launching a pkg ? Maybe adding a fake cue or iso or eboot or something!? Anyone....pls
  8. not sure how to set this up. I found via the cdi bios a cdi list in mame but when i click on a working game like mario it says "missing files software" :? EDIT: I set it up in LB and the old working games work and now ZELDA works! But mutant rampage still wont work I can get to the player screen and then the philips logo but then black screen of death. maybe my roms are bad thought the game is listed as working perfectly on a compat list. Or do we know if this game works ? Anyone have this working on mame? thanks
  9. WInzen

    first time set up

    What is your set up? maybe some more details. I did it all recently so if i can help i will... ETA is good but 2016 though still good. What do you want to do ? So I wanted to make an arcade of all consoles so thats a nightmare but if youre just doing mame that is quite simple with LB. Though BB can be more challenging.
  10. weirdly this is exactly what i need to do as well. IVe been doing all the same stuff. I know what I want as its emulated on other emus other than mame perfectly via a default or stock filter and makes fighting games look like the arcade...but with mame its a little trickier. If I sovle it ill post my file. good luck!
  11. it works! using this https://www.ultraiso.com/download.html convert mds to cue and then use the command line and IT WORKS! now that is a result! thank you for your time. what a great community and another mystery solved! :')
  12. yes youre right works fine for n64 roms (cue) but not for BLOODY TYPICAL for these mds files! LOL So I need to find a cue or .... maybe a mds can be converted into a cue? (head explodes) its never simple! but youve def helped! thank you
  13. there is no cue file for these rarer games,..that i know of i will try your instrcutions with a cue to be sure now...:)
  14. good question. ITs a iso but still works perfectly... cant see why that would matter when we're not specifying the rom but the core ?
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