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  1. so, I am trying to find out if anyone has any tips or tricks on helping me get a smoother big box experience. so basically, I made my theme in theme creator. when i load another platform, I get about 1-2 seconds of black screen before the info pops up. does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to make this less noticeable?
  2. So I have metadata on my other platforms such as cpu, gpu, display, media etc and for platforms other than arcade and windows the info shows but for windows and arcade nothing shows. I wanted to edit them myself and type out the info but I don't know how to edit individual platforms
  3. Trying to edit individual platform metadata, anybody know how to do this
  4. I am creating my own theme in theme creator and trying to get a remote to appear when i plug in my remote, ive seen this done on Coloful Theme
  5. Hello Everyone, i am trying to animate my platform wheel to move left and disappear when im no longer scrolling through platforms. Does anyone know how i can do this or where i can learn how to do this
  6. I am trying to animate the wheel but I keep losing my wheel and it won’t pop up. Any info on what exact animations do I need
  7. Thank you. Number 4 is the same as 1 lol
  8. So basically I have a video of a ps1 game playing, when I go to ps2 it will show a black screen before the video is the ps2 shows. How do I get something else or another color to show so it’s not black?
  9. How to collapse wheel when game is selected How to add system info to platform wheel view How to add game info to game view How to edit the view when game is selected
  10. This is relating to platform view as well as wheel game view. So basically as your scrolling through your platforms there is a moment of black screen I want to avoid
  11. When I transfer from platform to platform, you just see a black screen and I would like it to have a smoother transition. Any ideas
  12. just dont name them startup video
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