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Launchbox/BigBox left pane enabled but blank *RESOLVED*


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I was recently playing a game that when I went to close it to return to desktop, it hung for what seemed like forever. When it did close I noticed my left pane in launchbox was missing my systems. I didnt pay much mind to it, as I was about to upgrade my hard drive which all my games reside on (not windows drive). I shutdown the pc, as I had first disconnected the old drive to clone it on another pc, but then changed my mind and reconnected it back to my gaming pc. When I booted up my gaming pc it went to system repair, as it wouldnt boot. It turned out a driver went bad, so I fixed it and was able to boot up normally again. The next issue was my amd adrenaline/drivers went bad for my radeon card. I fixed that too.

Now when I went to launchbox, I noticed my left pane was still missing my systems. I did ctrl+s to verify it was open, which it was. I also verified my view was set to images view, which it was. I restarted launchbox several times to no avail. I also noticed if I go into edit for any game everything in the right pane is missing too. I tried bigbox too and when I select a system, the left pane does not show my roms listed to scroll thru anymore either. When I go to the options menu, it looks blank as well, but I am able to move up and down in the menu, although I have to idea what I am selecting until I select it.

Now I have no idea whats going on with launchbox/bigbox. I dont know if it was related to that game crash or the windows crash or something else or something else entirely unrelated. I attached 5 screenshots. 2 of the bigbox screenshots look identical but if you look at the blue line on the left pane, you can see it moves. 

win 10 pro


rx580 8gb

Sorry for the lengthy message but I hope I gave enough info to get some help.

Thanks in advance.






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17 minutes ago, C-Beats said:

I've never seen it manifest like that but I'd vet that you don't have a service called nahimic running on your computer and if so disable it. It's known to cause visual issues with WPF apps like LaunchBox and Big Box.

thanks for the suggestion but i do not have that service at all on my pc. i was hoping it was that easy but thanks for the suggestion.

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I managed to fix it. I started thinking about what dependencies launchbox needs so i did a little research and saw that it needed .net core. i figured i would just do a repair but i didnt see it in my installed programs. i wasnt sure what version i needed but found a link to download it in the launchbox thread listed below.

When i went to install it, apparently i did have it installed so i did a repair and BINGO...everything works fine now.

This issue is now considered fix.

Edited by yankz23
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2 minutes ago, yankz23 said:

I thought I could edit the thread title as RESOLVED but i guess i cant so any admins looking at this can change the title to solved.



I think you can long hold a left click on it and edit, at least i think thats the case for users and not just moderators.

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  • yankz23 changed the title to Launchbox/BigBox left pane enabled but blank *RESOLVED*

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