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  1. Hello, thanks for this post ! I seemed to remember in the update notes some time ago that there was a feature so that when media was downloaded, it would just use the name of the rom, ISO etc. I had been hunting for that in the settings but can't seem to find anything. Just curious if I dreamt that up, and if now, how to access it.
  2. How to apply a console bezel when no game bezel are found and apply a game bezel when the game is found ? In other words : - Defaut bezel is game bezel - If not exist => console bezel automatically.
  3. Do you know when a new version will be out ? I waiting for the renaming option to complete all my media
  4. i will test it now No change for me : always show me games that have aldready media when i use "filter missing"
  5. Hello it seems when i click missing he give me same result : street fighter 2 for Sega genesis but in launchbox all media are there so i don't understand why LMM give me this result. What does it search : it compare rom vs media ? My games are outside from launchbox directory has i an impact on LMM ? it's a great tool for media
  6. Thanks for your answer. It don't work no bezel appear if i rename the file in retroarch\config No other files to change ? Hum seems to work know after a reboot ! thks !
  7. Hello, i want to use bezel project without ranaming my rom (because there are all scrapped and complete) I tried to rename the cfg (and edit the cfg files) + png files but the bzel do not appear. Is there an other thing to edit to make the bezel work with an other name ? Thanks in advance
  8. Hello, I use emumovies and the internal scraping tools to scraping data for my roms. But i have a problem with name of media that launchbox download. I share my launchbox media between other front end (to use on my gun cab and my race cab). But name with launchbox scraping rename all the media with different name of the rom. An example, i scrap this rom : The rom name is "90 Minutes - European Prime Goal (Europe).zip" for super Nintendo - When i scrap from launchbox (internal or emumovies engine) name of all media become "90 Minutes_ European Prime Goal-01" and not "90 Minutes - European Prime Goal (Europe).png" - When i scrap with emusync from emumovies scrap (outside launchbox) name are ok and are the same of my rom : "90 Minutes - European Prime Goal (Europe).png" I want all my media have the same name of my rom. So i have 2 questions : 1) Is there an option in Launchbox to make scrapped media with the same name of my rom ? 2) Is it possible to transform name of all my media aldready scrapped in same name of my rom filenames ? Thanks for help.
  9. Hello, I'm using internal scrap of Launchbox and Skrapper wich is a french external Scrap (screenscraperfr). I want to keep all data from launcbox internal scrap (player, year etc.) but i just want to import french description of games, is there a way to do it automaticaqly (i have 2 platform xml 😃 ? on us and on fr but i want to merge the 2 juste for the short description to be in french) Thanks in advance.
  10. Exactly the same issue for me ! When i download manualy image and box download easily, but when i try to do mass update of media : many media games are missing (but ok if i do each game manually). What's happening ?
  11. Hello I'm a new user and i search a way to hide some games in Big Box (but i want them appear in launchbox to manage them or add logo when i found them) In launchbox i can hide games wich don't have "clear logo" with a filter in view, but how can i do that in Big Box ? thank you all !
  12. Hello, I am a completionnist with actualy a 45Tb hyperspin that i convert to launchbox. I see the launcbox DB and i wonder if there is a way to know if i have fullset for each system ? For example for playstation how can i know/have the full list of every game ever published for this system ? so i could complete my collection. Thx in advance and sorry for my bad english
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