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  1. Great theme this so far. I'm wondering about playlists though. How do you get a background image to show? I created a folder in the theme images called playlists, added the name of the playlist, put a image in and it doesn't show.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm using one of these as a 2nd screen for marquees. https://www.amazon.co.uk/LTA149B780F-1280X390-Controller-display-M-NT68676/dp/B085XRHVWP/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=marquee+lcd+screen&qid=1633240087&qsid=260-5429506-6176112&sr=8-1&sres=B085XRHVWP%2CB078Y7D9M9%2CB07SMDS7GD%2CB091BNNVP7%2CB089XYNZ2S%2CB08VWKHFDP%2CB094CS7MMX%2CB08GX7V5WW%2CB08PTWQNM8%2CB07VV2R4VQ%2CB0833162XM%2CB071YQ5VPJ%2CB08KXTKP6K%2CB0924L2GKQ%2CB08QMDJP2B%2CB0848TWJC9%2CB08JM37S6T%2CB07KZW6S8Y%2CB08K2J74VF%2CB085GLXJY1 No matter what I do, no marquees appear on the screen, the are opening but are hidden on screen one. How do I get the screen to display on screen 2 please. It's odd as on my main cabinet, it works perfectly fine on a LG ultraview screen.
  3. My finished MFME project. Here is my collection video packs. Enjoy!
  4. Thanks for looking mate, both are on the website, just wish I'd get approval to donate and download a few.
  5. I'm after the following 2 fruit machines please. Aladdins Cave - PCP Sunday Sport - PCP Does anyone have these? I'm trying to register for Desert Island Fruits and the registration acceptance has been going on for 2 weeks.
  6. The problem is the rom set, all images must be named exactly as the .gam file. So say the folder is called Snakes & Ladders WDX. Inside the folder, the .gam file could be called snakes&ladders1280.gam The image must me named exactly as the image minus the .gam file. So the image should be named snakes&ladders1280_01
  7. You only need the .gam file from each rom.
  8. Were you looking for logos like this? I'm that mad idiot you were referring too!
  9. I'm just adding the new games that seem to be in WIP format, they don't show in MFME emulator unless you select WIP option but that then doesn't show the normal files. How do I go about showing the WIP files in the game manager without having to change the emulator please?
  10. Have you got a copy of MFME 20? PM me if you do please.
  11. Could also do with a copy of the v20 emulator, none of them ones above work with it.
  12. @Haggie55 WOW! FANTASTIC! Do you know which ones are new and which ones have been updated please?
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