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  1. Have you got a copy of MFME 20? PM me if you do please.
  2. Could also do with a copy of the v20 emulator, none of them ones above work with it.
  3. @Haggie55 WOW! FANTASTIC! Do you know which ones are new and which ones have been updated please?
  4. LaunchBox Big Box 2020-10-13 20-03-01.mp4 Quick demo, still loads to do yet.
  5. I think I'm going to go along with this theme, what do you all think? Project Name (1).mp4
  6. POT Black.mp4 Looks like them flyers are going to come in handy, a little bit of experimenting and I come up with this.
  7. Thank you, anything you have would be great and that goes for anybody who can help. Just downloading that pack now!
  8. And here is a sample of what my video snaps are going to look like, sorry for the watermark but it's $12 a month so I'm getting all my snaps ready before purchasing. Project Name.mp4
  9. I'm in the process of doing this product but I'm finding proper fruit machine clear logos a problem to find, can you help atall? I'm also recording the Fruit Machines and also making marquees, it's a long drawn out process but I'm slowly making progress.
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