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  1. After making the switch from HS to BB a couple of weeks ago, I've been searching for 2nd screen marquees (I'm using a LG UltraWide 25-inch IPS Monitor (2560 x 1080). This seems to me a major issue as not many packs have been made for it, I've found about 15 completed packs so far. 2 questions, has anyone got more media packs? (I've downloaded the ones from here (thank you) and also signed up to Emu only to find very little content aswell. Also anyone got a software package to generate marquees? I've tried using AutoKustom but the marquees are very blurry. Any help would be greatly appreciated please.
  2. Seriously having problems with my Xin-Mo Controllers. Upto 2 days ago Bigbox picked the controls up straight away in controllers, now this option has vanished. I've deleted and reinstalled the Xin-Mo, reinstalled the drivers, turned off power save on USB inputs. I've gone into Launchbox setting and enabled all controllers and still nothing. How can I get the controls back please? Running Window 10 64 bit.
  3. Doh! Didn't think of that, all sorted now.
  4. Hi and welcome to my first post. I'm struggling with the Supermodel emulator, I've downloaded it (both x64 & x86 just to be on the safe side). When I go to add the M3 games I come to a halt when it's ask for the emulator, Supermodel is not in the drop down option. I can't go any further from this point due to the non Supermodel option. What can I please do to add this emulator. running Windows 10 - 64 bit. Mikee580
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