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  1. This is one beautiful PC, IMHO.
  2. When I right-click on a game to get the Menu, and click on one of the 'Additional Apps' (e.g., different Episodes of Sam & Max within Sam & Max: Season 1), nothing happens. No error, no nothing. It used to work a few versions back (I'm using v9.9 now). I have the full and correct path of the appropriate executable in the Additional Apps tab within the Edit Game window. Any ideas?
  3. Click here to get the game (scroll down a bit when you get there).
  4. It's a Kickstarter project that winds-up tomorrow - it did receive adequate funding. Click here if ya wanna check it out. Me, I'm stickin' with Launchbox!
  5. (This story is a few months old, but interesting, nevertheless). The A.I. Google's DeepMind Team developed is called AlphaStar. Video games like StarCraft are mathematically more complex than chess or Go. The number of valid positions on a Go board is a 1 followed by 170 zeros; the equivalent for StarCraft is estimated to be a 1 with at least 270 zeros. Anyway, here's a short Video with some of the battle. StarCraft II: Google DeepMind AlphaStar (A.I.) vs Pro Gamer! If ya wanna get tons of info on the A.I. and its development, click here for a detailed Blog entry on DeepMind's We
  6. Well, it's just 'industry' news (not directly LaunchBox related), but Microsoft is releasing a 'disc-less' version of the Xbox One. Click here for more info.
  7. Not all, but most of 'em are free. 🙂 Edited by Lordmonkus to remove links.
  8. I wish I could build somethin' like this, without it looking like a disaster. 🙂
  9. So much of this appears to be from a real aircraft, but maybe adult Flight Sim toys are just very realistic. 🙂
  10. Click here to read about a free 5th chapter for the original game.
  11. Yes, indeed! Hmmm... I have 32Gb now, so at those prices (inflation not included) I'd have 32,000x$2000=$64 million worth of memory. Awesome (borrowing your echo sound FX)!
  12. Speaking of an era where you ask yourself if the person you just met is a robot or a real human, it reminded me of one of my favorite "robot stories" ever! - The Lonely (courtesy The Twilight Zone 1959).
  13. Hopefully the robots/androids will have a better virtue-to-vice ratio than most humans. Granted, under Asimov's basic robot rules, one would never hurt you, but it may be a basic 'SkyNet Terminator' model. Doh!
  14. Would ya get the door for me, please? (Oops, I wanted to put this under the Crazy Video topic, but I goofed-up. ).
  15. I always make some noise. Typically, the longer it took me to "win", the longer and louder I whoop-it-up!
  16. Note: This isn't a personal photo.
  17. Hey, that's awesome, Zombeaver. I thought there may be some (well, there may still be) who wouldn't take kindly to my analog ways and tendencies. Generally, I laugh more when playing Board Games. 'Course, that's probably 'cause there are other people there, and we're often ribbin' each other about somethin'. I die a lot more in Video Games, too. In the last Video Game I played, I was viciously mauled to death (numerous times) by a pack of guard dogs. My "deaths" in Board Games are much less gruesome (and not near as frequent). My Board Gaming pal has been collecting games sin
  18. Well, I've been stayin' afloat for the most part. Thanks for askin', DOS! I hope things are goin' well for ya in Jersey (What was that amusing name you had for New Jersey?). It's probably considered near Blasphemy in this Forum, but I've been playin' a lot of board games lately. They're more well-suited to my waning reflexes. Besides, with an "approval rating" of less than 2% (+16 outta 857), it was apparent most in this Forum didn't think much of anything I had to say. 'Course, never having anything noteworthy to say may have contributed to that.
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