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  1. Only $60! 30 games built-in Smaller than original HDMI capable Click here for more.
  2. (Click on Pic) Argh! I've been usin' Firefox (Netscape in the beginning) since it fit on 1 diskette, and I will try to use a Microsoft alternative whenever possible. Since they released Windows 3.1 (I think it was) with IE 'embedded', despite the Courts telling them not to, I've hated 'em. They figured they could really 'torpedo' Netscape, if IE was built into the OS. Who would bother installing a different Browser? Back then, most Users didn't know how to, anyway. It was worth it to them to take a fine. Oh, ya, remember this from pre-Windows (aka DOS ) days: Following a successf
  3. I never heard of 'em (until now), but they have a lot to do with Game Development. Yesterday, the company released updated stats conveying that over 5.5 million developers have registered themselves on the Unity platform. By comparison, Unity’s closest competitor, Epic Games, recently announced their Unreal Engine is sporting 2 million registered users. Apparently, there's lots of free stuff for Game Developers, too. Sounds potentially useful for Mr. Brad (if he's not already using it).
  4. Kirsten Marie said Jason and I have been friends for about 10 years. He was looking for someone to take care of customer service and marketing and he thought of me. So really, I am just extremely blessed. :) You've known Super-Jason for a decade? Cool! Well, I suspect Jason made a wise decision bringing you onboard, and none of us will be disappointed with the value you'll undoubtly add to the Forum community and the Product's continued success. In an unrelated Topic, since you have Moderator Mojo, Kirsten, could you gimme a few Stats (maybe even a simple graph) on Forum Member growth
  5. DOS76 said Sad part is that my movie collection is smaller than my porn. I'm really slacking on building it up. I was noticing that. As first I thought you may have had the most of that, since it was at the top of the list, but then I realized it was just an alphabethical thing.
  6. DOS76 said Backups are essential. You got that right! Back in my Newbie days of running RAID configurations, this happened to me: I was under the impression my RAID setup would "save me", but due to a bum-steer from the Support guy on the phone, I ended-up losing a bunch of data (that may have been irretrievable by then, anyway). After a couple of weeks of crying, whining, and trying to figure-out how to recover the data, I became quite diligent at doing Backups. The tools I was using at the time didn't recover things in much of an organized manner. Nothing had an original fil
  7. SentaiBrad said Also, HEY! Jason is a lot better looking than myself. xD But, I can easily one-up ya on not bein' as pretty as the next guy. Remember my Crash & Burn photo from last year? I was runner-up to "National Champion of Ugly" that month. [Insert laughing here] I came a little too close to crashin' on my Mountain Bike today when I was ridin' down an outdoor stairway. It sucks when ya can't do the stuff that used to be easy, such as finding your way home. [Insert laughing here, too]
  8. If I win a big Lottery, I'll buy that $100K Video Game collection on eBay for "LaunchBox", among many other lavish gifts!
  9. Good day, Kirsten! This is an odd Topic for me, in that there are NO 'Smileys' to pick from, and there's NO "Upload Files" button, either??? Is this Moderator trickery? But, anyway, welcome to the best resource a Gamer could have, Kirsten. Yippee, finally someone good-lookin' on the Team! No offense Jason and Brad. [Insert Smiley Face here]. As I'm sure you're already aware, this is a great Forum. Jason and Brad are awesome, as are the contributors. I'm curious, how did you find the job, if you don't mind me asking...? I'm sure you have some crazy tech skills. You'll use 'e
  10. Did You Know Gaming?
  11. It has been done! P.S. I gotta get over and welcome Kirsten. Sorry I've been so lame in that department, Kirsten.
  12. DOS76 said I have 4 of them Shit! Hey, Derek, weren't you one of those guys is a Topic way back that had a bunch of those Hard-Drive screenshots (as Brad has in the 1st Post), and you had like drives C-Z? It's not a bad lookin' little box, either. I bet it looks cool with 4 of those lined-up, side-by-side.
  13. Well, as it turned-out, my intended recipient isn't as much of a Gamer as I thought. But, I still wanna get one to help support one of the best programs ever! So, I'll send ya $50 and you can offer it up in the next contest you have, or whatever. Is that doable?
  14. SentaiBrad said Now I get to transfer my emulators folder over to it. xD Over 1.1 million ROM's?
  15. DOS76 said That's why I love these after there is no more room for internal drives these are great! That thing's cool. Is it fairly quiet? How big is that rear fan?
  16. Doom for PS4 is only $30. That seems good. There are many other games, too.
  17. SentaiBrad said It's not an IPS (which is just the type of screen), but you probably won't honestly notice it. No, probably not. 40 years ago I had 20/15 vision, but not now. I did an experiment a few years back where I synced-up a DVD and Blu-ray disc of Avatar (2 different players, obviously) to the same TV (a nice Samsung). Whilst swithing between the two on different types of scenes, I was hard-pressed to notice a significant difference (I found the difference to be pretty slight). Point being, my vision isn't that great anymore.
  18. DOS76 said I haven't looked at all I'm trying to reign in my spending. I'm trying to curb my spending as well, but I continue to fail.
  19. Nice, Dude! That phone is nuts! 128Gb? Holy crap! I still have a flip-phone. Yay, I found another monitor. Seems like a okay deal. Nothin' like what you guys probably have, but I'm using a 4:3 monitor now.
  20. Many of the deals are quite good, but everything has a "time window" to buy within. Many of the deals have already ended, including the monitor I was gonna save 32% on. Doh! Many other items aren't on sale yet - it appears they put different things 'out' every 5 minutes.
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