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  1. [Click on Pic] Or click here to get it on Steam.
  2. This would be awesome in the 'Game Room' (albeit distracting for Gaming)! Mega Tetris CPU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z71h9XZbAWY
  3. Click here for more info. I believe you can get free games back a month or two.
  4. World's Biggest Pac-Man Game
  5. ps4isthefuture said Looks like the new view master. That sucker looks kinda cool.
  6. Google's Daydream VR Initiative (a bit more explained)
  7. I chatted with an Olympian earlier today (Tuesday). FWIW, I’d much rather converse with an Olympian than a Hollywood celebrity, and I got lucky today. Whilst shopping in my local Neighborhood Market (green-signed Walmart’s) earlier today (Tuesday), I spotted this nice and very athletic-looking woman. She was wearing tights and a form-fitting, long-sleeved shirt. As I got closer, I could see on the back of her top it said something about the Olympic Team. The print wasn’t real big, and I didn’t wanna stand right behind her attempting to make out what it said (I wasn’t wearing my reading
  8. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency - they love attack robots) has been working on a program designed to make the often complex operations of cyber warfare as simple and intuitive as child’s play. Called “Plan X,” the project’s immediate goal is a touch-screen control panel that allows users to execute cyber effects in a manner comparable to a video game.
  9. Didn't see it on Steam, but I think you can buy it. Virtual Battlespace 3
  10. Click here for U.S. story. Click here for original Norwegian article. (I had to use the S3.Google Translater to read it. Couldn't translate the audio in the video, though. )
  11. Clcik here for the story. Click here for a video clip.
  12. Aerial Entertainment Studios 2016 Demo Reel https://vimeo.com/171296917?from=outro-embed
  13. It surely does seem to be a great example of 'Catch 22'. But, when you do become rich and famous as Shigeru Miyamoto (or better yet, just rich and mysterious), please don't forget us!
  14. Click here to apply Online for this job. Scroll down when ya get there, as the requirements are interesting and pretty damn steep! Here's the first one: Be the vision holder for the franchise, setting the creative goals for the team. Vision holder? That alone is way outta my league. In the mandatory Cover Letter you must supply, they wanna know what games you are currently playing.
  15. This looks really cool. He's spinning a camera around himslf while he's skiing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqncOP7OzMg
  16. Then there's this (obtained from Payscale.com): [Note: Only 383 individuals reporting for this chart]
  17. But, you'd be the Director of the project, so you'd have hordes of game developing minions at your 'disposal'. But, seriously, it's really cool that you're so happy with what you're doing now. I suspect I can speak for most of the LaunchBox community in that we're happy you're "developing" for us! Woo-Hoo! P.S. If ya love your job, you'll never 'work' another day in your life.
  18. Mario? Tetris? Pokeman? Sonic? Final Fantasy? Call of Duty? Grand Theft Auto? Etc., etc. There's a lot to choose from!
  19. Yo, Jason/Brad. I'd like to buy a Gift Card for someone for your kick-ass product. Do you have a mechanism for this, or would I just have to 'gift' them some cash with PayPal, or whatever, and they buy it themselves?
  20. Speeds up to 60 Terabits/Sec across a cable that's over 5,600 miles (9,012 Km) long! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lD-0xLTjvhE
  21. I see why it's rated Mature 17+! https://youtu.be/uOxvqLYxTDo
  22. System Shock Reboot (on Kickstarter) Free Pre-Alpha Demo (just a Video Clip) on Steam Here
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