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  1. Sounds like a plan, I'll try my hand to this!
  2. I have my cloud drive mapped as a normal drive, just looking for the tidbit that would allow a 'on-demand' rom copy and run.
  3. Wonderign if something like symlinks could be used efficiently for this.
  4. I know this belong more to the 3rd app request, but would there be such a thing that copy the game I decide to launch to a local folder along with needed files? I could imagine this be easy enough for single roms, or zipped roms, but for say arcade games how could one do that? I am really interested at storgin my roms on a cloud, and requesting them 'on-demand'.
  5. well, im guessing I can resort to Play with steam plugin, and let steam handle contrllers.
  6. Hello, I don't know if such a tool exist, but I'm looking to something similar to the function "use all contrllers" that is implemented in LB/BB, but for Windows/Emulators. While my issue dosnt apply to all emulator, I use both my switch and a standard xbox contrller to play my emulation games. Some emulators (snes9x in mind) will map one of these as Controller0 and the other as contrller 1, while i'd like to have em both to fallback as contrller0 if the other is not found. I know Windows 10 kind of screwed badly controller listing, but I am wondwering is something to solve my issue is possible, even outside the realm of Launchbox. Disclaimer: while it would work to some extend, dont tell me the "use retroarch" reply, please. I hardly use it, and find it flawed for my needs at the moment. Thanks!
  7. I can confirm the import [trick] works, and do scrap as snes correctly! @LordmonkusI had a quick search, but is there any chance you could point me to your MSU media pack? Id be most grateful
  8. i used several AV solutions, and never had LB/BB flagged.
  9. I was just wondering, the SNES MSU "Platform" itsefl isnt in LB database, right? I mean, I will have to import Wheelbanners and such manually as well, right?
  10. Basically, start by downloading teknoparrot @ teknoparrot dot com. Some antivirus flag some files, but thats not unusual for Taito type-X and other arcde system alike. Take time to run Teknoparrot UI, and configure some games. In the teknoparrot emulator folder, you'll notice a folder named game profiles, containning a bunch of XML profiles, they will be usefull once you are set with Teknoparrot UI. Now for Launchbox, here's what I do: 1)Create a shortcut for each game I want to use, and name it accordingly to the game. 3) I add Teknoparrot as an emulator, with no specific paramaters. 3) Add your Taito TYpex game manually to Launchbox. 3) it is where some don't know what to do : under the "Emulation" Tab of the game. select Teknoparrot as an emulator and then check custom command line parameter and type --profile=SuperStreetFighterIVArcadeEditionVer2012.xml choose the profile name acordingly to those XMLs we've seen under the Teknoparrot profile Folder. and you should be set! Sadly, with this method, even a bulk import the shortcuts we've created each need to be edited manually with the emator or at least the line for the profile. Note: You'll notice that teknoparrot support a lot more than just Taito TypeX games, I wont go in details for configs for each games, the Interwebz should provided you the information you need! Worst case scenario, if you already done torough researches, just PM me here and I can either help you, or point you to some more detailled informations! Enjoy!
  11. Hello, while this is not formally a request, I was wondering if there's any way to easily scrape the SNES MSU titles when adding them, or otherwise. i have sparse media for some wheels, and sytem, and the like, but automated would be great. Thanks!
  12. Personally, I use the free version of Teknoparrot. If there is some interest, I'll put up a quick rundown of how-to!
  13. Hi, thank you so much for this plugin! I am wondering if a "Launch eveything" via steam would be a possible addition. I' d like to launch all games via this plugin, and skip the optional screen in Bigbox. Thanks in advance.
  14. I'm interested in knowing too if someone finds a solution.
  15. After further testing and researches, it seems CLRmame and Hyperlists do the job for what I want. If you have further suhhestions, feel free to add though!
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