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  1. Thanks Jason. I love the new features for 7.15 Great Work!!!
  2. I know, maybe its too soon for UWP LaunchBox. Jason, thanks for the new Beta
  3. SPAM? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQAncprHpQ8
  4. I saw today streaming, great work Jason But tool menu is so big, maybe It could be arranged different. For example Merge Import & Install MSDOS Wizard Dosbox option inside on "Manage Emulators" Use a submenu for AutoHotkey Move Random Game to FILE Menu
  5. Amazing!!! I love it!! Great Work Jason!!! Its excelent when a new kind of view is implemented A wall as W8/10 also could be a great implementation . We are using .NET 4.7 so it could be possible https://www.google.com.ar/search?q=Windows+gridview
  6. Some Australian guy named Brad was making a "Windows 3X emulator" to use 16bits apps on a x64 PC We haven't any news since November 2016. I think that the project is dead, He also wrote an awesome blog about this "emulator" and his progress Twitter Project page Project blog
  7. I like an update focused on that Great work Jason.
  8. More views or layout for Launchbox could be an excellent plugin Content Details Seizable Icons (Yes Just Icons) List and Titles were made it by Jason Just like Windows explorer (AKA File Explorer)
  9. Maybe soon we will could to use Launchbox and bigbox on any platform https://rainway.io/ Leverage the power of your PC Enjoy Civilization VI from the comfort of your couch with a tablet, play Stardew Valley on the go from your phone or just enjoy your favorite PC games on macOS and Linux all at 60FPS. No additional hardware required Any GPU that supports DirectX 11 can take advantange of the Rainway MSG protocol. Pain-free setup Rainway handles configuring your network and securing your connection so the only thing you have to worry about is playing your games. I like the idea of make an arcade machine without a HDD or play on my (future) Nintendo Switch
  10. Thanks Jason for the new update! It could be great if the next update have a "Manage Plugin" option For example
  11. .NET makes easier to developers! You don't need to build the wheel again you just use it. The "bad side" is the back compatibility, you cant run LB on Windows 9X or XP or Vista machine I cant wait for see Launch box using Fluent Design System (AKA NEON) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcBGj4R7Fo0
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